Gotocourse launches AI tools for teachers, writers, creators

April 4, 2024
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A leading digital learning platform, GotoCourse has launched an Artificial lntelligence tools for teachers, writers and learners in a bid to enhance their teaching and learning experiences, making education more personalized, efficient, and engaging.

The Founder and chief executive Officer of GotoCourse, Dr Success Ojo said this recently at a press conference organized by GotoCourse at the Gotocourse Digital Literacy and Infotech Centre (GDLIC) in Ibadan. Theme: Leveraging technology to Elevate Education Through Gotocourse Platform and G-Mind AI.

Ojo said effective education is no longer confined to classroom walls or traditional pedagogical approaches. From the chalkboard to textbooks to e-books, education has witnessed a drastic transformation over the years.

She said that technology, as a dynamic enabler of education, is at the forefront of these transformations, driving the evolution of teaching and learning at a pace never before witnessed.

The Gotocourse boss noted that training teachers to be able to use AI tools for efficient performance is so essential for teachers around the world, especially in Africa because of the boundless opportunities that AI offers teachers, adding that the use of AI saves time, building capacity and enables teachers to compete globally.

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She said the Gotcourse platform is an exemplar of this shift. As a digital learning platform, Gotocourse has removed geographic and temporally-bound constraints, making education accessible to everyone, everywhere and anytime. It has redefined how knowledge is consumed and shared, with features like virtual classrooms, quizzes, live conference tools, forum discussions, and the ability to track progress, attendance, and whiteboards.

She posited further that while the streamlining of digital education is an accomplishment, the potential for further enhancement remains vast. This brings us to G-MIND AI, (, an extraordinary AI system designed to augment the capacities of educators.

"G-Mind is not just a tool but a virtual assistant that helps teachers with curriculum and content generation. Instead of spending hours creating a curriculum or devising lesson plans, teachers can now leverage G-MIND to generate comprehensive, expertly designed curricula within minutes. Content generation further aids teachers in creating rich, well-crafted learning materials that are informative and engaging for the students", she said.

Ojo added that G-Mind features don't stop there. It also facilitates text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities. This means that if a teacher wishes to deliver a lesson orally, G-MIND can convert speech into written text. Conversely written lesson plans or textbook content can be converted to speech, creating an auditory experience that caters to the varied types of students.

She posited that G-MIND can also convert text to slides, dramatically reducing the time and effort that educators often invest in presentation preparation. This means more time focused on enhancing the learning experience, rather than worrying about the logistics of lesson delivery. 

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She further said that the good part of it is that G-MIND is integrated with WhatsApp, hence teachers do not need elaborate or expensive infrastructure to use G-MIND AI. They can simply use it on their WhatsApp platform.     

Ojo called on the federal and state governments to encourage and support local Edtech solutions so that it will strengthen their offerings and they can serve the country better.

She stressed that Nigeria has a lot of indigenous Edtech solutions that can compete with any Edtech solutions around the world. "We have quality Edtech solutions that can serve various educational institutions, business organisations, government, learning agencies, and vocational centres across the country.

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