New 100x Crypto to Enter Meme Coin Season: Dogecoin Whales Add Dogecoin20 to Altcoin Wallet Before DEX Launch

April 2, 2024
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New meme coin Dogecoin20 capitalizes on Dogecoin hype while offering staking rewards, capped supply, and charity focus, launching on International Doge Day (4/20).

The meme coin craze continues to grip the cryptocurrency market in 2024. Following the phenomenal success stories of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), investors are scouring the digital landscape for the next big thing. 

This search has led many, including prominent Dogecoin whales, to discover Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20), a novel meme coin brimming with potential and promising features.

Dogecoin's meteoric rise in 2024, surging 129% from its year-start price to $0.2054 by March, reignited the meme coin frenzy. Analysts anticipate even further growth for DOGE, with projections reaching $0.27. 

However, amidst market volatility, investors are seeking out low-cap altcoin ventures within the DOGE-inspired meme coin space. These projects carry the potential to replicate the success of their predecessors, offering significant returns in the future.

Enter Dogecoin20, a revolutionary meme coin designed to capitalise on the existing hype while introducing unique functionalities and fostering long-term sustainability. Its arrival signifies a shift within meme coin season, where trending projects are moving beyond only virality and integrating tangible utility.

Dogecoin20 Presale Hits $10M Milestone – Last Chance to Participate Before DEX Launch

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) has quickly become the hottest meme coin on the market, having raised a staggering $10 million within just a week of its presale launch. 

Currently, investors have a limited window of opportunity to participate in the presale before it concludes on April 20th, 2024. The presale price is fixed at $0.00022, offering a potentially significant discount compared to the eventual exchange listing price, which will be determined by market forces. 

Missing out on the presale could mean paying a much higher price once $DOGE20 goes live on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

DEX Launch on International Doge Day: How Far Could $DOGE20 Go?

The 20th of April (4/20) has been unofficially christened International Doge Day by meme coin enthusiasts, triggering an annual surge of interest in meme coins around this period. 

The origin of the association with 4/20 supposedly stems from Elon Musk's affinity for the date. Musk, a prominent figure in the meme coin world, played a pivotal role in Dogecoin's explosive success in 2021. 

Historically, International Doge Day has been marked by heightened excitement within the crypto market, with Dogecoin witnessing a remarkable 50% price increase in the lead-up to the day in 2023.

This year, anticipation for another meme coin uprising is palpable as International Doge Day approaches. Dogecoin20's strategic decision to launch on DEXs on this very day provides a timely entry point for new investors seeking to capitalise on the peak excitement surrounding meme coins. 

While $DOGE20's potential remains to be fully realised, its presale success and close association with Dogecoin paint a promising picture for its future.


Unlike its predecessors, Dogecoin20 aims to build upon the existing vibrancy of meme coins while introducing tangible benefits that ensure long-term success.

When Dogecoin was jokingly launched in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, they could have never predicted it would evolve into a global phenomenon spearheading a revolution against traditional finance. 

While Dogecoin's astronomical rise was impressive, its whimsical creation left it vulnerable due to a lack of well-defined utility and unresolved critical issues. This is where Dogecoin20 steps in to address these shortcomings.

Stake-to-Earn: Empowering Investors

Dogecoin20 introduces a groundbreaking Stake-to-Earn mechanism that allows users to earn passive income on their holdings. This mechanism aligns with the popular "make your money work for you" concept, enabling Dogecoin20 holders to compound their investments over time. 

Currently, Dogecoin20 offers a lucrative 106% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) for staking. However, this rate is expected to decrease as more tokens are staked within the ecosystem. Notably, over 31,777,324,185 $DOGE20 tokens have already been committed to the staking pool, highlighting the strong market appetite for earning additional tokens.


Capped Supply: Combating Inflation

Furthermore, Dogecoin20 boasts a capped supply of 140 billion tokens. A capped supply helps control inflation and ensures the token retains value over time. In stark contrast, Dogecoin has an uncapped supply, making it susceptible to price dilution through the continuous creation of new tokens.


Despite its focus on financial innovation, Dogecoin20 stays true to the lighthearted spirit that made Dogecoin a global icon. Its whitepaper explicitly mentions upholding Dogecoin's "Do Only Good Everyday" (DOGE) philosophy. The project outlines plans to leverage its influence to support charitable initiatives, community projects, and worthy causes. This commitment to social responsibility fosters a harmonious balance between meme coin hype and long-term sustainability.

Analyst Optimism Fuels Investor Confidence

With the exchange launch rapidly approaching, prominent figures within the crypto space are expressing bullish sentiment on Dogecoin20's future trajectory. Matthew Perry, a renowned crypto commentator with over 218,000 subscribers on YouTube, recently declared to his audience, "Dogecoin20 fixed DOGE forever." This statement reflects a widespread belief that Dogecoin20 addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor and offers a more robust and sustainable model.

Further amplifying the excitement, Jacob Bury, a respected crypto analyst, has dubbed Dogecoin20 a "100x meme coin gem." He even placed it at the top of his coveted list of the five best meme coins to invest in right now. This level of expert endorsement has undoubtedly bolstered investor confidence in Dogecoin20's potential.

Don't Miss Out: Join the Dogecoin20 Revolution

Given the widespread interest and unwavering optimism surrounding Dogecoin20, the project is poised for a potentially explosive launch on decentralized exchanges. However, the window of opportunity to acquire $DOGE20 tokens at the discounted presale price is rapidly shrinking. Investors keen on participating in the Dogecoin20 revolution are urged to act swiftly before the presale concludes on April 20th.

For those interested in learning more about Dogecoin20 and staying updated on the latest developments, the project maintains a presence on various social media platforms. Following them on X (Twitter) or joining their Telegram group will ensure you receive all crucial information and announcements.

This article is a Brand Press post. Brand Press is a paid service for brands that want to reach Techpoint Africa’s audience directly. Techpoint Africa’s editorial team doesn’t write Brand Press content. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email

This Brand Press article was not written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email
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This Brand Press article was not written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email

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