NVIDIA Ignite VR & AI Token Rally: The VR & New AI Crypto Projects Leading the Sector

March 20, 2024
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AI & VR crypto tokens surge on NVIDIA conference buzz, with innovative projects like eTukTuk (sustainable transport) and 5thScape (VR play-to-earn) leading the way.

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a surge in VR & AI-related tokens fueled by the highly anticipated NVIDIA GTC conference, that kicked off yesterday, March 18th, 2024. 

This three-day event is a key driver for the "VR & AI narrative" within crypto, with investors closely monitoring announcements and developments related to NVIDIA's latest innovations, particularly the unveiling of the B100 Blackwell, touted as the most capable AI GPU yet. 

VR & AI Token Rally Heats Up

The excitement surrounding the GTC conference has translated into significant gains for several VR & AI-focused cryptocurrencies. Tokens like Render (RNDR), Bittensor (TAO), SingularityNET (AGIX), Fetch.AI (FET) and AIOZ Network (AIOZ) have witnessed double-digit growth in recent days. 

Industry experts anticipate that NVIDIA's announcements regarding the B100 chip and its impact on crypto mining could further influence the market. 

Beyond Hype: eTukTuk - A Sustainable Ride to the Future

While AI and VR dominate the headlines, another AI crypto project is taking a unique approach: eTukTuk (TUK). This eco-friendly initiative aims to revolutionise transportation in developing regions such as Africa and Asia by creating an ecosystem of electric tuk-tuks, 3-wheel vehicles, powered by AI and blockchain. 

eTukTuk tackles a pressing global concern: limited access to sustainable transportation infrastructure. Their solution? An interconnected network of electric tuk-tuks, solar-powered charging stations and a sophisticated AI management system. 

This comprehensive approach positions eTukTuk to become a major player in sustainable transportation within developing economies.

Early adopters can participate in the ongoing presale, securing $TUK tokens at a discounted price of $0.026 and enjoying a staggering 453% APY staking rewards. This limited-time offer presents a lucrative entry point for investors seeking exposure to a project with significant potential to disrupt the transportation sector in developing economies.

eTukTuk's focus on research and development, EV deployment, solar infrastructure and AI-powered coordination creates a unique value proposition. Investing during the presale allows entry at a low market cap, offering the potential for significant returns if eTukTuk captures even a small market share.

Building a Sustainable Future on Utility

The eTukTuk token ($TUK) serves as the backbone of the entire ecosystem. It will be used for ride payments, charging, rewarding drivers and partners, and participating in governance through staking. As the platform grows, so too will the use cases for $TUK, increasing its intrinsic value.

Additionally, a token burning mechanism is planned, further reducing supply and potentially driving the price upwards. This combination of utility and potential scarcity positions $TUK for long-term appreciation as the eTukTuk network expands.


eTukTuk takes a novel approach to community engagement by introducing a play-to-earn mobile game. Users can manage a virtual sustainable taxi service, earning rewards in $TUK tokens. This gamification strategy not only fosters a strong and engaged community but also attracts younger demographics, further expanding the project's reach.

Scalability and Accessibility for All

The project incentivises a diverse community of drivers, charging station hosts, developers and other contributors through $TUK token rewards, aiming to rapidly scale its network and drive societal impact. By adopting a multi-chain approach covering BNB Chain and Cardano, eTukTuk promotes accessibility for all participants.

Beyond profitability, eTukTuk seeks to address environmental issues such as emissions reduction and pollution-related illnesses mainly in Africa and Asia, while also promoting financial inclusion for unbanked populations. Recognised by Coin Sniper as an upcoming ICO launch to watch, eTukTuk's innovative approach has garnered significant attention.

Innovative Design and Competitive Advantage

eTukTuk's streamlined manufacturing process, developed over five years, utilises fewer than 200 locally sourced components, reducing development costs and enhancing accessibility for drivers. LFP batteries and AI-powered guideline systems further optimise operational efficiency, making eTukTuk vehicles a compelling choice for drivers.

The project's ecosystem extends beyond vehicles to encompass charging infrastructure and payment systems, managed by Territory Partners. Power Stakers secure the payment network, fostering community-driven sustainability and financial empowerment on a global scale.

AI integration is central to eTukTuk's ecosystem. The eTukTuk Driver App utilises AI to optimise driving routes and minimise battery consumption. 

By analysing data from applications and partners like PickMe, AI aids in strategic decision-making processes, facilitating the placement of charging stations for optimal coverage.

A Pioneering Project with Real-World Impact

eTukTuk has already launched operations in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in partnership with the Capital Maharaja Group, leveraging blockchain and AI to transition conventional TukTuks to cleaner, more efficient electric vehicles.

Investors can participate in eTukTuk's presale, acquiring $TUK tokens with the potential for substantial utility and growth within the crypto market. 

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, eTukTuk is proving the transformative potential of blockchain technology and AI in addressing real-world challenges.

VR Meets Crypto: 5thScape Raises $1 Million in World-First VR/AR Crypto Presale

The VR/AR landscape is brimming with innovation and 5thScape stands out as a pioneer. This project seamlessly integrates VR/AR technology with cryptocurrency, creating a unique play-to-earn experience. 

In its presale phase, 5thScape has already secured over $1 million, highlighting the strong investor interest in this groundbreaking approach.

Similar to the AI projects mentioned earlier, 5thScape prioritises community building. Through initiatives like developer grants, educational resources and community events, 5thScape fosters a strong and engaged user base. This collaborative approach fuels innovation and ensures the long-term success of the project.

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5thScape's tokenomics model features a fixed supply and strategic allocation of funds for development and ecosystem growth. This ensures the long-term stability and value of the $5SCAPE token, positioning it as a potentially lucrative investment for those looking to capitalize on the VR market boom.

The Intersection of VR and Crypto: A New Era of Digital Experiences

The NVIDIA GTC conference, with its focus on innovative advancements, further fuels anticipation for growth within the VR sector, likely benefiting crypto projects like 5thScape that prioritise innovation and user experience. 

5thScape stands out as a VR project strategically positioned to benefit from the current market trends favouring VR and AI advancements.

The project leverages the $5SCAPE token, which fuels the entire ecosystem. Users can utilise $5SCAPE for in-game transactions, access premium content and even participate in governance through staking.

By offering a comprehensive VR ecosystem, fostering a strong community and implementing a well-defined tokenomics model, 5thScape presents itself as a compelling investment opportunity within the VR landscape. 


The NVIDIA GTC conference serves as a catalyst for the VR &BAI token rally, but the true story lies in the transformative potential of these emerging technologies. From sustainable transportation solutions like eTukTuk to immersive VR experiences powered by 5thScape, these projects showcase the transformative power of blockchain and AI in tackling real-world challenges. 

This article is a Brand Press post. Brand Press is a paid service for brands that want to reach Techpoint Africa’s audience directly. Techpoint Africa’s editorial team doesn’t write Brand Press content. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email business@techpoint.africa

This Brand Press article was not written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email business@techpoint.africa.
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This Brand Press article was not written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email business@techpoint.africa.

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