FOMO Alert, FLOKI, Pepe, and Meme Moguls Surge, Is It Too Late To Get Involved?

December 21, 2023
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The memecoin market is back, with FLOKI, Pepe, and Meme Moguls triggering a wave of FOMO among investors. These altcoins have seen significant price surges and have become the talk of the crypto community. Particularly impressive is Meme Moguls, which is surging during a presale that is selling out in record time. Let's find out more about these trending memecoins and whether it's still worth jumping in on the action.

Meme Moguls (MGLS): 100X Predictions as FOMO Surges

Meme Moguls is about to launch its play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. The aim of the game is for players to become meme moguls by learning from experts, polishing trading strategies, and entering competitions to win big!

Players start with $100,000 in virtual cash, used to build portfolios and compete in challenges to turn simulated profits into real rewards. There is even a Wealth Leaderboard to track the top performers and reward them with MGLS tokens and extra prizes.

Meme Moguls extends its reach into “Moguls World,” a metaverse space for users to mine tokens, join liquidity pools, and stake tokens. This immersive space offers another way to profit from the Meme Moguls ecosystem.

The MGLS token serves a triple purpose: acting as the in-game currency, a governance token, and a staking mechanism. Players can use MGLS to buy and sell assets, participate in decision-making processes, and earn rewards through staking.

Additionally, Meme Moguls offers a unique learning experience for its players. With the guidance of experienced traders and access to educational resources, players can improve their trading skills while having fun playing the game.

The MGLS token can now be bought for $0.0021 during the first presale phase. This price is set to keep rising as more tokens are sold, and by the early reception, that may happen any day now. 

Market experts acknowledge that the memecoin market is now worth $24 billion, but there is nothing like Meme Moguls yet. That's why they are predicting 100x returns from this current price till when it's available on Uniswap next year.

FLOKI Coin Price Prediction Q1 2024

FLOKI is another Shiba inu memecoin that has been gaining popularity recently. It was named after Elon Musk's new puppy and aimed to ride on the coattail of the success of other dog-themed cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

But unlike Dogecoin, FLOKI offers a whole ecosystem through its NFT marketplace, gaming platform, and educational resources. These features combine to create a sustainable and valuable token that can potentially see huge price gains in the future.

As of writing, FLOKI is trading at $0.00003706 after rallying from $0.00001800 on October 4th. This 100% gain in two months is impressive, but analysts predict the FLOKI token could surpass $0.000040 in Q1 2024.

Some investors may view this as a small gain, but the $0.000040 mark is a significant resistance that would likely open the door to further price appreciation. The $368 million market cap leaves room for 10x growth, especially compared to the current Shiba Inu market cap of $5.73 billion.

Is Pepe Coin a Good Buy In 2024?

Pepe is perhaps the most famous meme on the Internet, especially on Twitter and 4Chan. So when the Pepe Coin was released in Q1 2023, the surge from zero to $2 billion market cap should be no surprise. However, some people missed the first pump and wonder if there's still room for growth in 2024.

Pepe's price fell to a low of $0.00000125 after the initial surge, but it has since bounced back to $0.00000950 at the time of writing. This is still 68% from its all-time high of $0.000004354 in March 2023.

The bullish case for Pepe is that it will always be tied to the famous meme, ensuring its relevance and longevity. While there are thousands of dog-based memes copying Dogecoin, Pepe is unique and has a strong community behind it. However, there are concerns about its lack of utility.

The $0.00000150 mark is a crucial threshold for Pepe. Surpassing this level could quickly propel the token to $0.00000200, potentially paving the way for a return to its previous peak of $0.000004354.

Those who missed the crazy Pepe run could benefit from jumping into the Meme Moguls ecosystem early on. The tiny market cap of $6.3 million makes the MGLS token a potential 100X opportunity, with FOMO already starting to build up.

Learn more about the $MGLS here:

Visit Meme Moguls | Join the Community

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