Chat GPT Prediction: Will BONK, ORDI, and Meme Moguls Be Top Gainers This Week?

December 18, 2023
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This week, our focus is BONK, ORDI, and the budding Meme Moguls. While BONK and ORDI have already made their marks, Meme Moguls is currently in its presale phase for just $0.0021, stirring up significant interest. Chat GPT has predicted that these three will be among the top gainers this week, and we're taking a closer look at why.

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Meme Moguls (MGLS): 100X Gains Predicted

Meme Moguls will launch the world's first P2E meme-backed stock exchange. Here, memes transform from social media entertainment into valuable digital assets. Users can buy, sell, and trade on this virtual platform to earn tangible profits in MGLS tokens and other valuable assets. 

Players experience the ebbs and flows of a stock market, learning to adapt to changes, analyze trends, and make informed decisions based on market dynamics. This real-time trading simulation is invaluable for understanding the complexities and rewards of stock market investment.

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Meme Moguls also introduces a competitive element through its various game modes. Players can participate in tournaments, challenging themselves and others in a bid to top the Wealth Leaderboard. This competitive aspect motivates players to improve their trading skills while vying for top positions and rewards.

The Meme Moguls ecosystem is fueled by its native token, MGLS, which facilitates transactions and incentivizes participation. Holders of MGLS get exclusive access to features, governance rights, and the ability to stake for passive income. 

The ongoing presale offers a chance to get the MGLS token before the mainstream public. The current price is $0.0021 per token, and a 30% deposit bonus is available for first-time buyers. Plus, the team is giving away $10,000 to one lucky presale participant at the end of each stage.

With its unique concept, competitive gameplay, and mountains of rewards, it's no surprise that it's predicted to surge by 100x as it launches in the $24b memecoin market. There is only a limited amount of tokens available in each presale stage so a price raise could happen anytime this week. 

BONK Takes Solana by Storm with Coinbase Listing

Every chain has its flagship memecoin, and BONK has definitely claimed that title on Solana. With a 3833% pump since November 1st to today's price of $0.0000294770, it's clear that investors are flocking to this project.

BONK was initially created and airdropped to Solana holders in an effort to attract users to the Solana ecosystem. BONK was even given for free on the Solana mobile device to onboard users in the early days. 

While BONK has already gone on a crazy run in recent weeks, the listing on Coinbase could trigger another surge as retail investors gain access to the token. The current BONK market cap of $1.70 may seem high for a memecoin, but ChatGPT reminds us that Dogecoin had a market cap of over $80 billion in the last bull run.

The chart technicians note that the price of BONK is consolidating on the 1-hour timeframe, with the all-time high of $0.00003419 in touching distance. Surpassing this level could trigger a breakout to the upside, so keep an eye on BONK this week.

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Will ORDI Hit $1,000 In 2024?

Unlike the two memecoins mentioned above, ORDI is a BRC-20 token on the Bitcoin network. You may not have known the Bitcoin blockchain could support tokens, but it does. ORDI was the first token to launch on the Bitcoin blockchain and has seen a steady increase in price since its release.

At the time of writing, ORDI is priced at $55.80, with a market cap of just over $1.17 billion. The tokenomics of ORDI are interesting, as there will only ever be 21 million tokens (just like Bitcoin). This scarcity may appeal to investors seeking a long-term hold in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

ChatGPT notes that it's hard to know for certain where the industry is heading, but ORDI has a strong novelty factor as the very first token on the Bitcoin network. It is realistic to imagine ORDI one day hitting $1,000 as it becomes the defacto token for transacting on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The ORDI chart shows that the price has attempted to close the $68 level twice in recent weeks. A third attempt would worry sellers and could result in a strong upward move. Keep ORDI on your watchlist this week, as it may be poised for a breakout.

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