Freelancers Now Make Up 39% of the Workforce, Compared to 28% in 2022 – Find 0ut How Uwerx (WERX) and PeoplePerHour Are Making the Freelance Economy Grow Bigger  

May 12, 2023
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Looking to join the booming freelance economy? Discover how Uwerx is revolutionizing the industry with its user-friendly platform, low fees, and innovative security measures – making it the go-to choice for freelancers and clients.

As more people opt to work independently, the freelance economy has steadily expanded in recent years. Recent figures show that 39% of the workforce comprises freelancers. This is a significant increase from the 28% in 2022.

In this article, we will explore how platforms like Uwerx and PeoplePerHour contribute to the growth of the freelance economy by connecting businesses with skilled professionals, enabling them to work together seamlessly, and why Uwerx is changing the freelance industry.

  Power Your Projects with PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a hub for skilled professionals and freelancers looking for work. With a vast network of freelancers offering services in various fields, the platform offers an excellent opportunity to showcase skills and find suitable jobs. One of the unique features of PeoplePerHour is its "Hourlies" service, where freelancers can offer pre-packaged services at a fixed price.

However, the platform's 20% commission fee on all projects can significantly eat into a freelancer's earnings. Payment disputes and delays are also frustrating issues that several users have mentioned. Despite these drawbacks, PeoplePerHour remains a valuable platform for freelancers and businesses looking to connect and collaborate.

  Uwerx (WERX): the Ultimate Platform for Freelancers and Clients

Uwerx has you covered whether you are a client looking for high-quality services or a freelancer looking to display your services. With Uwerx, freelancers can easily create their profiles and set their rates, making it simple for clients to browse and choose from a vast selection of highly skilled professionals.

At Uwerx, safety is a top priority. Innovative security measures are in place to prevent fraud, scams, or rug pulls. The platform will also renounce contract ownership when the project is prepared to be launched on centralized exchanges and taxes are zeroed out. This will ensure investors can confidently and securely invest in their projects.

The platform's interface is easy to navigate as it prioritizes your needs. Uwerx is also committed to transparency and equal access for all investors. You can be confident that your data is safe with audits from trusted bodies like InterFi Network and SolidProof and a 25-year liquidity lock-up period once the presale ends.

  How Uwerx (WERX) is Changing the Freelance Industry

Uwerx distinguishes itself from the various freelancing platforms with its unbeatable low fees. At just 1%, it's a far cry from the outrageous 20% charged by its competitors, including PeoplePerHour. The Uwerx presale is now taking place, with its first stage having been finished in just 17 days and its second stage having been completed in just 8 days.

Uwerx has been making waves and is now listed on Coinsnipper, with plans to expand to Uniswap by August 1st. The team recently unveiled the Uwerx Vault where users can earn rewards for storing WERX tokens.

Uwerx offers a secure, low-fee platform prioritizing fairness and transparency for clients and freelancers. Join over 3,000 users already benefiting from the platform's exceptional offerings, and experience a world-class freelancing experience like no other.

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