Big Eyes Coin: Can This Crypto Cat Claw Its Way To The Top 100x Cryptos?

March 10, 2023
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In the meme coin industry, Big Eyes Coin is perhaps currently the most talked about crypto coin. Every investor is stocking the Big Eyes Coin and is closely tracking its presale progress as they believe that the BIG coin can achieve the crypto greatness that Bitcoin once achieved. The BIG tokens are quickly getting adopted and the coin is now in its final presale stage. The BIG hype is pretty much evident in the BIG numbers that this coin’s presale has generated; $31 million and counting! So, if you are interested in adding this new star to your crypto portfolio, here’s all that you need to know!

When Big Eyes Coin was introduced, its value during the first presale stage was $0.0001. However, today, as BIG enters its 12th presale stage, the same BIG token is equivalent to $0.00049, which is almost a 390% increase from stage one! Meaning that the early investors who bought this coin in stage one already gained 390% returns from this crypto despite the fact that this currency is yet to launch. This huge jump is captivating all the investors and leaves them wondering about the returns that this coin would provide once it is officially in the crypto market. This thought is compelling them to invest in this new cute currency and become a part of the fastest-growing crypto community!

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Apart from the increasing numbers, this cat community is also getting famous for all the fun ventures to keep the audience invested. The Big Eyes Coin launched the fun-filled loot boxes, which are a hit in the crypto world. The idea behind these loot boxes was to make sure that the cat community felt rewarded. The added touch of randomization of rewards is what keeps the investors on edge, as the rewards can also include a 5000% ROI! The investors can buy the loot boxes for as low as $9.99 and get a chance to earn $500 worth of BIG tokens on just that!

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To spice things up further, the BIG community has recently launched a presale vault pin 819. This vault pin will give you a free loot box upon purchasing BIG tokens. For instance, if you spend $500 on BIG token purchase using the vault pin, you can get a Kitty Vault free! This means that with this new vault pin, you can double your rewards! Isn’t that the best presale offer? Grab your BIG tokens while the presale still lasts and don’t forget to double your rewards by using the vault pin 819!

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Based on the current progress of the Big Eyes Coin and how quickly it is growing in terms of community and value, it is safe to say that Big Eyes Coin will soon reach the heights of success. It now feels like Big Eyes Coin is en route to compete with the cryptos that rewarded their communities 100x upon the official launch. Grab your BIG tokens while you still can and get the best value for your money!

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