Bear Market Crypto Gems: Collateral Network (COLT), Ethereum (ETH), and VeChain (VET)

March 2, 2023
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The bear market rolls on with no signs of slowing down. But don’t worry, there are still some gems in the crypto market to be found. Collateral Network (COLT), Ethereum (ETH), and VeChain (VET) are three such gems. With COLT available at $0.01 during phase 1 of the presale, this could be the perfect time to get involved.


Collateral Network (COLT)

Collateral Network (COLT) is pioneering the crowdlending industry with a platform that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent digital assets. These NFTs are used as collateral to secure loans. Finally, borrowers can get the cash they need without having to beg banks for a loan.

By minting NFTs as collateral, Collateral Network (COLT) allows for fractional lending that expands the loan market. Collateral Network (COLT) also helps to create a more secure, transparent and efficient lending system that bridges traditional and digital economies.

The arrival of Collateral Network (COLT) means that anyone can become a lender, even if they have a small amount of capital. For borrowers, it means they can access funds quickly and without all the hassle of traditional financial institutions. In fact, they should receive cash within 24 hours of approval.

COLT is the fuel that drives the Collateral Network (COLT) platform, and Collateral Network (COLT) tokens are available at discounted prices during phase 1 of the presale. With the chance to flip the crowdlending market on its head, now’s the perfect time to get involved, as experts predict a 35x price surge for Collateral Network (COLT) during the presale.


Ethereum (ETH)

Created by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized open-source blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. It acts as the backbone of most crypto projects, hence why it has a market cap of over $140 billion.

Despite losing 75% of its value since its peak in 2021, Ethereum (ETH) remains the go-to blockchain for developers and organizations. The recent launch of Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 should further improve scalability and performance, making it the leading blockchain for the future.

If Ethereum (ETH) can implement its sharding scaling solution, Plasma, it's expected that more traditional institutions will look to the Ethereum (ETH) platform for their blockchain-based solutions. Purchasing Ethereum (ETH) around the $1000 level could prove wise, especially with analysts predicting that Ethereum (ETH) will hit $10,000 within five years.


VeChain (VET)

VeChain (VET) is a layer-1 blockchain platform built for enterprise use cases. It is powered by a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm and provides advanced smart contract functionality with the VeChainThor blockchain.

VeChain (VET) is already being used by a number of enterprise organizations, including BMW and Walmart China. This is indicative of the VeChain (VET) platform’s ability to provide real-world solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. With its ambitious roadmap and partnership with DNV GL, VeChain (VET) could be one of the top performers when the bear market subsides.

VeChain (VET)  is currently priced at $0.016 - 94% down from the all-time high of $0.2782 in April 2021. As such, even a 1000% gain from current prices would not take VeChain (VET) to an all-time high, which translates to this being an excellent time to invest in VeChain (VET).

Find out more about the Collateral Network presale here:




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