TON and GLTM shaking off the bears; LINK fails to keep up

December 24, 2022
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During the last 7 days, the crypto market plummeted, even more, shifting investors’ attention to the coins with the highest gain potential and stability, like GLTM or TON. 

The whole market is taken over by a strong negative sentiment, as the prices of most leading cryptocurrencies moved downward during the previous 24 hours.

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Most coins in the crypto market, including LINK, suffered rapid depreciation. 

Chainlink’s price analysis is very depictive of the performance of traditional crypto assets lately. While traders expected LINK to stop its downward rally from $6.99 at the strong support level of $6.40. LINK has fallen even further at $6.20, giving away to the bearish forces. 

Looking at the coin’s EMAs downtrend movement, a clear selling signal is suggested for investors that saw their assets lose 10% in value last week alone. It’s clear that the bulls failed to maintain the resistance levels, leaving the bears to dominate a market in shambles. 

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Investors nowadays are trying to seek stability in the very distinct exceptions of Tron and GLTM, which show dynamic gain potential.

GLTM is the answer to a volatile market

GLTM’s value has increased by almost 90%, since its private sale, shaking off the current bear season. At present, the successful first pre-sale round of the token is live, and it’s priced at $0.13. The must-have coin for crypto enthusiasts offers a 20% bonus and access to the highly valuable gold-backed services of the platform. 

GLTM fuels the first 100% asset-backed NFT platform, Golteum.

The vision of Golteum is to democratize gold ownership and allow better access to users by digitally fractionalizing the most stable asset in history.  

The real asset-backed ecosystem establishes a layer of transparency and security, by utilizing gold as proof of reserve. That way it has managed to shape a strong sense of assurance for the fragile NFT market. Recently Golteum’s team doubled down on security,  getting certified and awarded by Certik, the leaders in blockchain security. The token’s smart contract has also been audited and certified recently, adding more to its goal of building a really secure network.

Golteum has recently also teamed up with Fireblocks, in launching a premium trading platform. This collaboration will bring forth custody service, treasury management, risk mitigation tools, and the highly anticipated tokenization mechanism for handling all gold NFTs.

The tremendous utility of GLTM and the attention it's been getting lately, justify all predictions that position it at $0.55 by the end of the presale. Making it one of the very few coins with an expected 400% appreciation in the near future.

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Similarly to GLTM, TON has also increased at an accelerated rate in the past month.

TON’s mission is an ecosystem with decentralized storage, services, a domain name system, and more. Its tokenomics are based on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model for network scalability and reliability.

Last week Toncoin escaped from the $2.30 resistance area. If Toncoin sustains the upward trend, the next support levels are at $2.74 and $3.70. However, a daily close below $2.30 would strongly indicate a bearish trend instead. In this scenario, the current breakout would only be temporary and the downward movement should follow soon. 

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Golden stability and GLTM;

Most cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything and have limited utility too. Because of that recently their value has been challenged more than ever before. This is where the gold-backed proof-of-reserve of Golteum steps into the picture. To shield investors from exposure and bring them large profits in the process.

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