Huge Influx Of Buyers Desperately Trying To Buy Orbeon Protocol Before Further Price Increases See Website Crash

December 10, 2022
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The success of Orbeon Protocol's presale phase caused such high demand that the website crashed from the influx of impatient buyers. Orbeon Protocol offers a unique opportunity for investors and businesses alike. The native token, ORBN, has increased by 655%, from $0.004 to $0.302, due to the high demand for the token and the success of Orbeon Protocol's presale phase. Analysts predict that investors will have made a return of 6000% on their investment by the end of the presale, further driving interest in ORBN tokens. The platform's unique approach to venture capital has resonated with the crypto community, making Orbeon Protocol a hot topic in the world of crypto.


What is Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)?

Orbeon Protocol is a decentralized launchpad and investing platform set to revolutionize the venture capital and crowdfunding sectors. By allowing anyone to invest as little as $1 in some of the most promising early-stage enterprises, Orbeon Protocol connects real-world businesses directly with the crypto community in unprecedented ways. Orbeon Protocol creates fractionalized NFTs representing each project's business opportunity. With Orbeon Protocol, anyone can now support and get in on these opportunities.

Most of the time, large venture capital firms and crowdfunding platforms are the only ones who can invest in these early-stage businesses. Due to limited information and complicated application processes, it can be hard for investors to find the best opportunities. Orbeon Protocol is here to change that for good.

Orbeon Protocol aims to make the process of investing in early-stage businesses seamless and accessible to all. By connecting businesses directly with the crypto community, Orbeon Protocol allows for a more transparent and efficient fundraising process.


“Fill or Kill”

To ensure the security of investments, Orbeon Protocol has implemented a "Fill or Kill" function as a safety feature. If a company fails to reach its fundraising goal within the specified time limit, all contributions will be returned to investors in full. This is especially important in the venture capital world, where startups often struggle to raise funding and fail to follow through.

$ORBN token

The Orbeon Protocol ecosystem runs on the ORBN utility token, which gives users a lot of benefits. These include "staking" for passive income, "governance rights," "trading commission rebates," and "priority access to future funding rounds."

Due to the success of the presale phase of Orbeon Protocol, swathes of people rushed to buy the token right away and accidently crashed the website. The platform gives investors and businesses a unique chance, and the excitement about what it can do has spread through the cryptocurrency community.

The price of ORBN has increased by 655%, from $0.004 to $0.302, due to the high demand for the token and the success of Orbeon Protocol's presale phase. Multiple analysts expect massive returns from Orbeon Protocol, as some expect investors to net an increase of more than 6000% from the presale period.

Orbeon Protocol will change the whole venture capital industry and help people who own ORBN native tokens. Holders of ORBN get special deals and discounts, the chance to join investor groups, and the right to vote on how policies will change.

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