Analysts Recommendations for 2023: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), The Sandbox (SAND) and Avalanche (AVAX) prices up

December 6, 2022
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Seasoned investors are always looking for the next great opportunity; a chance to get ahead of the curve and see big price rises in projects they hold. One project, in particular, is making waves in a number of these circles recently. Orbeon Protocol is entering stage 2 of its presale after surging 525% in stage 1, with a disruptive model that’s causing many to wonder whether it could replicate the success of well-known projects such as The Sandbox and Avalanche.


Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon Protocol has set out to disrupt the venture capital space, by allowing startups to use the investment platform to mint and issue equity-backed NFTs to investors. This turns the world of venture capital on its head, by opening the doors for everyday investors to back some of the most exciting early-stage businesses for as little as $1.

The benefits to businesses are clear - not only do they have an alternative to the exhausting venture capital presentations route, but they can also build a passionate community engaged in their project at the same time as securing funding.

The role of security in investing is crucial, and the inefficiencies of doing this at scale are one of the challenges that have prevented access to smaller investors in the past. To resolve this, Orbeon Protocol has implemented an innovative “Fill or Kill” feature directly into their smart contracts, ensuring that funding for campaigns that do not meet goals is returned straight to investors.

The ecosystem utilizes a utility token called ORBN, required for access to the Orbeon Exchange launchpad. It also supports the wider Orbeon Protocol ecosystem of trading on Orbeon Swap and the secure Orbeon Wallet, as well as providing a broader set of benefits to holders such as governance powers and trading discounts.

With such a comprehensive offering, it’s no surprise that ORBN is attracting so much attention in both crypto and VC investment circles, already seeing a 525% price increase since the start of presale.


The Sandbox

Created by Pixowl, The Sandbox focuses on giving the ownership of user-generating assets back to their creators by using NFT technology. The Sandbox aims to provide a suite of tools to enable games to be created and their assets monetized by the users — ensuring that everyone is incentivized to contribute to the growth of The Sandbox’s adoption and the The Sandbox’s SAND token price.


As with many metaverse projects, the main challenge of The Sandbox is the time with which the promised mass adoption seems to be taking. While The Sandbox is among the strongest metaverse projects, it will clearly take years before the metaverse reaches more mainstream adoption.


Avalanche has seen significant growth across its ecosystem, with its subnet approach allowing for flexible blockchains which can be used for all manner of use cases, ultimately secured by the core Avalanche network.

While Avalanche boasts high speeds and transaction throughput, the biggest challenge facing it is the number of other established protocols in the space. It seems that Avalanche is destined for success, but it’s unlikely to be able to become dominant in a space including Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and many others. Some investors are dubious about the future of  Avalanche, however many believe that Avalanche still maintains the potential to remain a player in 2023.



While The Sandbox and Avalanche are much more mature, Orbeon Protocol clearly has an excellent chance of meeting their level of success, if not exceeding it. Market analysts must agree with this as they have already forecasted a 6000% rise in the price of ORBN just through the presale.  

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