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September 2, 2022
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The Nigerian crypto space is inundated with several exchanges each trying to out jostle one another with their unique propositions. And whilst a lot of them may have their own benefits, many Nigerians still find themselves skeptical on which exchange platform to use. The reasons amongst others stem from high transaction fees, delayed verifications, and even low exchange rates. This means, daily, more and more Nigerians are seeking to explore peer-to-peer exchanges which do not require third parties.

What is peer-to-peer trading?

Peer-to-peer trading is a unique type of trading in that it offers users the ability to transact directly with one another without necessarily involving a third or central party. This is quite beneficial because in nations with strict crypto laws and restrictions like Nigeria, p2p trading cannot be shut down. 

A crucial point to note is that crypto trading is not illegal in Nigeria, as there are legalised exchange platforms like Nairaex which provide premium trading services, rather Deposit Money Banks (DNBs) are restricted from facilitating crypto transactions.

Common p2p exchange platforms

Another example is that of a popular yellow and black exchange platform- Binance- which is renowned for trading in hundreds of different cryptocurrencies and doubles as a p2p platform by allowing users trade without a third party. Binance easily makes the claim of being the biggest crypto exchange by daily volume of trading, but a high level of trading volume can equal a high risk of trading. Paxful, is also another popular p2p exchange platform with millions of users where users are able to buy and sell their bitcoin in lots of ways.  

A peculiar feature about these aforementioned exchanges is they are international platforms which, although able to temporarily solve the need, do not fully  understand the uniqueness of the average Nigerian. 

CashOut-  a growing solution to Nigerian peer-to-peer bitcoin challenges

The average Nigerian actively seeks for ways to make money without spending money, and this is so because to a large extent, they do not have much money. With over 33% of her citizens living in extreme poverty, Nigerian crypto traders oftentimes do not have the luxury of engaging in transactions which require high initial capital, regardless of the benefits. Rather, they seek out opportunities where they can make money without spending money, one of which is CashOut.

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3 Steps on How to CashOut with CashOut

Sign up & verify your account: The first step in using cashout is to sign up on their website. It is an easy and straightforward process which only requires an active email account. Account verification is also achieved after users upload a valid ID and complete their KYC.

Set Up Your Kiosk: A kiosk is your own personalized marketplace, it is where you input your rates and determine how much you want to be paid per transaction.

Copy and Share Your Kiosk link: With your correct kiosk link, other people and even yourself can sell their bitcoins to you and receive instant funds while you enjoy the profits and commissions.

Eight benefits of using CashOut

Profit control and Autonomy: On Cashout, users are able to calculate their profits themselves, and see how much they they stand to benefit from each trade down to the least naira, they also have full control of their profits as there is no third party to determine how much profit they can make and how they can make it.

Free of charge: Cashout does not ask users for payments before they can exchange their bitcoin. It is a completely free process and users are afforded the opportunity to exchange their bitcoin at the best rates with no added cost. 

Users are also rewarded with profits when they know people who want to trade their bitcoin for naira thereby making money without spending money.

User friendly: The cashout website offers a user friendly interface and feel. Users are able to Sign up, complete their verification, set up their kiosk and start getting paid in no time.

Flexibility in trading and exchange: With cashout, users can exchange any amount of bitcoin for naira, ranging from 1000naira worth of BTC to thousands of dollars worth of BTC, there is no minimum requirement to exchange.

Payment methods: Cashout offers a wide variety of payment options to her users ranging from direct bank deposits to wire transfers and wallet fundings.

Security: With p2p platforms, there is usually a risk of insufficient strict regulations and verification processes but cashout eliminates this by ensuring that sellers send their btc to the correct kiosk link before getting paid.

Community and 24/7 customer support: With their valuable insights and round the clock technical teams, cashout is well suited and available to handle all inquiries, complaints  and feedback.

High transaction speed: Cash out also offers a fast and effective service where users are credited in real time. Upon validation of received bitcoin they immediately get funded in their accounts.

Credibility & Reputation

Being a product of Nairaex- an exchange with over 130,000 users and several years of service, Cashout is poised to  deliver effectively and efficiently without any stress.

Visit their website to sign up and make money today.

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