Wow!lotto celebrates Anniversary, makes Nigerians richer with over N141 Million Cash Wins so far

July 25, 2022
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Nigeria’s First Interactive Gaming Lottery, wow!lotto, marked its first year anniversary this July. This lottery platform with exceptionally bright interactive features for smartphones and PCs has immersed Nigerians in the atmosphere of its games and has made it possible for them to deposit & play at any time, see their winnings on the go and withdraw with fast payouts.

It is interesting to note that in the past one year, wow!lotto has gotten over Two Hundred and Thirty Thousand (230,000) registered users on its platform; They have also paid out over One Hundred and Forty One Million Naira (N141,000,000) to over 12k winners in the past one year. Asides from the cash wins, players have also been rewarded with bonuses and major non-cash prizes such as Smart TVs, iPhones (11 & 13), Samsung, Oppo & Infinix Smartphones, Generator, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, and much more.

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Marketing Manager, wow!lotto, Esther Abu commented on the brand’s journey so far.  “We are indeed pleased to be celebrating our one year anniversary. The brand's journey has been incredible with remarkable achievements and the reception of the brand has proven that Nigerians are lovers of great fun and big wins. In the past one year, wow!lotto has awarded millions of Naira to Nigerians in cash wins, non-cash giveaways and bonuses. In the spirit of our celebration, we would be giving out more amazing gifts to our committed players,” she said.

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Furthermore, Brand Partnerships with MTN, Glo, Quickteller( Interswitch), Paystack and Coral Pay have been established by wow!lotto to make its users’ gaming experience stress-free. MTN & Globacom network users can play wow!lotto without using their data. Users can also  deposit and play wow games through trusted payment platforms which include Quickteller, Paystack and Coral Pay.

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In the spirit of love and sharing, wow!lotto, came through for three (3) wow players during its Valentine campaign by gifting their loved ones their exact request in their social media entries (Deep Freezer, Infinix phone & Oppo Reno Phone). The winners of the campaign were selected based on their compelling love stories and also being active players on wow!lotto.

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First time users also get to enjoy up to a 200% first deposit bonus. The interactive reality of wow!lotto is that it is full of instant winnings and genuine impressions! 

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About wow!lotto

wow!lotto is Nigeria’s first-ever Interactive Online Lottery and Gaming Platform.  Experience a mix of betting and lottery excitement when you play our thrilling games to win up to N100,000,000. Each game offers huge jackpots and has its own win feature and winning combinations.’ Our lottery gaming interface is exceptional because we keep working on new games in different themes and mechanics to give you a renewed user experience. The interactive reality of wow!lotto is full of instant winnings and genuine impressions!

wow!lotto: Win Big, Have Fun!

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