Amber Group: May Recap 2022

June 17, 2022
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Announced the partnership with Chelsea Football Club as Official Sleeve Partner, with the logo of WhaleFin to be emblazoned across the kit of both the men's and women's teams from the 2022/23 season.

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Joined the Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST) coalition to comply with the Travel Rule while protecting the security and privacy of customers.

Took part in a beach clean-up at East Coast Park, Singapore, joined by our sustainability partners Zero Waste SG and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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Product Development and Partnerships

Integrated Chainlink to help bring more secure and reliable asset transaction pricing services to customers. 

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In the News

Coinquora: Amber Group Partners With Chelsea FC As Official Sleeve Sponsors.

Yahoo Finance: Amber Group Announces Official Sleeve Partnership With Chelsea Football Club.

Disruption Banking: Amber Group Announces Q3 2022 Launch Of Openverse, The Gateway Into The Metaverse.

Bitcoinist: Amber Group Partners With Chainlink For More Reliable Asset Transaction Pricing.

Benzinga: Amber Group Integrates Chainlink To Help Customers Unlock Greater Value In the Blockchain Economy

Reuters: Stablecoin Terra's Broken Dollar Peg Hits Wider Crypto Markets.

Macquarie Website: Soft Power In The Metaverse

Medium: Position Exchange’s Reentrancy Loophole Explained.

Medium: Roadmaps.

Events and Media Appearances

CEO Michael Wu joined the Macquarie Australia Conference to share his insights on metaverse / Web3.

Managing Partner Annabelle Huang joined a webinar hosted by CMU T&E to talk about how to build Web3 startups.

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Managing Partner Annabelle Huang joined a panel discussion hosted by CoinDesk to discuss opportunities across different market structures.

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Partner Delroy Fong joined a panel discussion at Singapore Institutional Digital Asset Summit on digital assets derivatives.

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Europe Managing Director Sophia Shluger joined a panel discussion at London AIM Summit to discuss how institutions are going beyond Bitcoin and adopting the broader digital asset class.

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Europe Managing Director Sophia Shluger joined a YouTube live session with BTS Labs to dive deeper into Ethereum 2.0, DeFi Movement, Cross-chain Bridges and DAO. 

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Europe Managing Director Oksana Grinchak joined a webinar hosted by Macro Hive to discuss the market chaos and what is next for crypto.

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Europe Managing Director Francesco Adiliberti joined a panel discussion hosted by Dukascopy Bank to share his outlook on the IT ecosystem in Switzerland.

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Sponsored Blockchain Fest 2022 in Cyprus and Senior BD Director for Continental Europe Stefan Becker was interviewed at a Fireside chat session.


Attended the NexTech Expo Week in Tokyo and showcased WhaleFin, Blue Whale Club and Openverse to the Expo visitors. 

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