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African Crypto Startup, launches Instant remittance service to African Countries.

June 07, 2022 · 1 min read
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Blockchain payments startup announces the launch of its crypto product which allows anyone send money to African countries, starting with Nigeria, in typically under 3 minutes.

Cryptocurrencies solve almost every problem that has ever existed with remittances and payments. This includes both delays in transactions and high cost of transacting. The main challenge with adoption has always been the interoperability with fiat currencies, which are already widely accepted. solves this problem by providing instant liquidity to users in their local currency whenever they receive crypto payments. Individuals can now use their Cash App, coin base or crypto wallet to send money to their loved ones back home which gets instantly converted to their local fiat currencies.

Who can use 

1. People who want to instantly trade their crypto for fiat at the best market rates

2. People who get paid in crypto

3. People sending and receiving money from abroad who don’t want to lose most of their money in fees, or aren’t ready to wait days for transactions to be processed.

While peer-to-peer (P2P) is a useful option when sending crypto payments, acts as the ultimate peer that provides instant and secure transfers when moving from crypto to cash. The company strives to save the consumer as much money as possible, and as a result, it is virtually always the cheapest player on the market.

How does it work?


1. Enter the amount you want to send in USD, USDT or BTC

2. Select the send option

3. Enter the recipient’s account details

4. generates a crypto wallet address for just that transaction

5. Send the cryptocurrency to the copied wallet address.

6. Complete the transaction by clicking on the “I have made payment button”

7. The Fiat equivalent is automatically credited to the recipient’s account.

On a mission to enable Africans to be financially included on a global scale, also offers its APIs to enable payouts into Africa from anywhere in the world. The service is now only available in Nigeria but has plans to expand to Ghana and Kenya, as well as potentially other African countries, in the future.

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