How Shiip a Nigerian Tech Startup is Powering Shipping and Delivery for African Businesses

April 20, 2022
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For the average Nigerian merchant and business owner in this part of the world, shipping and making local and international delivery is a hassle. Beyond the top charges, logistical uncertainties, hidden charges, uncertainty and various other obstacles make transactions uncertain, Shiip’s CEO, Quadry Olalekan, believes this is why the company will thrive in the African market. 

“We are here to solve this problem and help African merchants move their goods across the world easily,” he says.

In 2019, we launched an ecommerce brand named Listbuy. It was going great. However, along the way, we realized that delivery was a big problem for our customers, particularly during the Covid-19 period.

We noticed how difficult it was for them to find reliable delivery companies that will deliver to anywhere in and out of Nigeria in a timely manner. According to our findings, businesses earn more sales when delivery is simple, quick and flexible. All of these got us thinking; “How can we solve this logistics problem for our customers?” 

The process of solving these delivery issues is what gave birth to SHiiP. SHiiP is a platform that helps take care of your delivery and waybill while you have more time to handle business and serve your customers better. 

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We built the Shiip experience to ensure safety and timely delivery of all our customers' orders, Ridwan Rasheed, Shiip’s Cofounder and CPO. We have a great customer support team that is always available to provide you the necessary guidance you may need to make your experience with us seamless..

Today, we have over 2000 businesses delivering their orders with SHiiP and we’re excited to welcome more onboard and take care of their deliveries/waybills as well.

Our mission is to help people and businesses access shipping freedom and become the continent's most robust shipping and delivery infrastructure. Today businesses are able to use Shiip to improve their supply chain experience, save on shipping and use business insights to fuel business growth. 

Kofo Ayeola, the CEO of Emfort Fashion, a top fashion house in Lagos, who has been a long time customer of Shiip has this to say about the Shiip Service, “ The delivery speed is unbelievable and their service is top notch” When it comes to shipping orders, SHiiP is your plug. I love the fact that my customers always receive their clothes and accessories sharply. The delivery speed is unbelievable and their service is top notch. 

With the Shiip platform,  Small and Medium Businesses and enterprise merchants can connect to a large network of local, national, and international delivery providers and enjoy diverse and streamlined delivery capabilities, real-time rate comparison, discounted shipping prices, tracking and so much more.

Nigerian merchants realise that there’s a vast global market, and the one-year-old startup is working hard to help them access new markets and audiences with ease.’

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Shiip has Onboarded 51 carriers including notable names like DHL, FedEx/Redstar, GIG, Kwik, UPS, Jumia Logistics, Kxpress, Courier Plus and more, covering local, national and international shipments. In the past 15 months, we have crossed 10,000 items shipped and over 2000 users.

We currently boast of client list like Custruct, Brandbox, Mavins Record, Pepperest, SofreshNG, Flutterwave, Bumpa e.t.c all with a customer/merchant base of over 100,000 users.

Shiip is growing rapidly and are we are intentional about growth, our goal is to continue to work on onboarding new merchants as well as our expansion into other African countries.

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