Telling the African Story Through the Lens of AfroDriods by Owo

April 1, 2022
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We are in an age where NFTs are gaining momentum and shaping the way creatives go about their craft. One needs no soothsayer to assert that this is where the future lies. Those who embrace this change in its early stage have the advantage. Imagine you got wind of the crypto space early on? You would probably be ahead by now, so you can’t afford to take the backseat. 

Owo Anietie is one of the foremost Nigerians dominating the NFT space right now. He became a professional artist way back in 2009 and is in the process of building an African ecosystem for artists with a global vision through NFTs. To achieve this feat, he began AfroDroids By Owo on September 1st 2021, which is considered to be the biggest PFP out of Africa right now.

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Owo Anietie

The global pandemic disrupted the way we lived but can be considered to be a blessing in disguise. This in no way undermines the human loss and business ventures that took the hit during this time, as recent activities have proven otherwise. The leap in remoteness and the embrace of digital inclusion has changed our lifestyle. With NFTs slowly becoming a global currency, art distribution is tilting in this direction.

AfroDroids By Owo is well-positioned to ensure smooth and easy access for creators and buyers alike. We are one of the few African creators redefining the art scene using NFTs. We have been featured on mainstream media for the immense feat we are achieving in space. AfroDroids By Owo began as a Profile Picture Project. It’s a 12k project built on the Ethereum blockchain. NFT presented an opportunity for us to watermark our work without having to put a signature on it which inspired our push for AfroDroids.

When AfroDroids by Owo launched, we began by giving access to the public to own images or artworks they could use as digital avatars on their social media profile. By embarking on this project, we gave people a way to own a stake in a project of their choice. That also enables them to make money if the project does well. The idea behind the project is to give people ownership. 

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Owo Anietie is known for not watermarking his work, hence he enjoys giving people the freedom, as long as they’re not selling it or exploiting it, for example, an album art. So instead of owning a token like the crypto space, you get an ERC721 or an ERC1155 or ERC721. A kind of token that is also a beautiful picture which can be.

Our story behind the AfroDroids project is one of a group of scientists. They found a way to merge human consciousness with machines called AfroDroids. The team took this and turned it into a layered story told in three parts. We have the origin story which is how the AfroDroids came to be and how they were made in the Afrodroids lab. 

Then, there is the realisation story. This is the part where they realise they have human consciousness. Like machines roaming about remembering lives they never lived. They also remembered playing with their kids on the playground. As well as being in relationships, experiencing love from others. 

The last layer is the Super AfroDroids. Each AfroDroids has one consciousness but the SuperDroids take three human consciousnesses. With a total of 12,115 tokens supplied with over 3,634 ownership at the time of writing this. Things are looking promising for us at AfroDroids. We plan to offer an upgrade to your AfroDroids, kind of like an AfroDroids 2.0 where the machine is more robust, it’s more powerful, it’s bigger. 

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Besides changing the narrative of artists using NFTs, AfroDriods also give to charities. About $500,000 was given to a charity here in Nigeria called Dream Catchers Academy. Where they take little girls from abusive homes in underrepresented communities, using dance and entertainment as a way to motivate them back to school. This March, the academy commissioned the first free formal and arts education academy in Nigeria.

Both projects occupy a dear space in the heart of AfroDroiods founder Owo Anietie. He encourages Nigerians joining the NFT space to be authentic and be human beings. Noting the journey has been hectic, but worth it in the end.

More Nigerian artists are needed in the space to get to a place where NFTs are equal to social media platforms. Everybody should be selling NFTs in a couple of years.  

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