The 5 Best Cyptocurrency Platforms and Exchanges in 2022

March 30, 2022
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Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast? Or are you eager to start your cryptocurrency investment journey? So this is your lucky day because we will review the best cryptocurrency platforms.

So far, the number of cryptocurrency platforms that flood the market is overwhelming. Therefore, it can be a stressful experience to look for a platform that works best for you. To settle for a cryptocurrency platform, you must be well informed.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies is an obvious risk. But by working with the best platforms, you can greatly reduce the risk. So, before immersing yourself, take your time to learn more about the cryptographic platform. Before entering the best cryptocurrency platforms, let's first review the factors used to evaluate these platforms.

Evaluation criteria

1. Compatible cryptocurrencies

Are you looking for a platform with diversified cryptography to invest and trade? Then, you must know the cryptocurrencies provided by the platform: either Ether, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, or Litecoin.

The more cryptocurrencies, the more diversified your portfolio will be. And not only for digital currency, but also for fiat currency and other financial assets.

2. Mandatory rates

Like a bank, cryptographic platforms often make money from exchange rates. So expect to pay some fees to keep your investment or trade going. These rates include inactivity fees, withdrawal fees, deposits, and even CFD trading fees. In addition, some platforms charge fees for any transaction made on the platform.

3. Security measures

A cryptocurrency platform cannot be the best without following crucial security measures. Security measures such as data privacy and fund security. Large cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges are well known for their reputable security measures. These platforms are well aware of the great insecurity posed by the attackers and that's why they work overtime to prevent any case of assaults and robberies.

4. Customer service

Certainly, we can't talk about the best encryption platforms without consulting their customer service. The best platforms have the best customer service that provides outstanding services to their users. These support services can be transactional, technical, or even general crypto subjects. Most of the platforms we review provide you with an email or even a chatbot for customer service.

5. Withdrawal and deposit methods

Platforms must provide the most available transaction methods for transactions. Nowadays, bank transfers and debit/credit cards are becoming obsolete. Therefore, most cryptographic platforms have adopted digital transaction methods. 

6 User experience

Another equally important factor is the user experience of a platform. Often, this is a factor that is overlooked and often considered unnecessary. However, a well-designed and easy-to-use platform undoubtedly establishes the right way for your trading sessions. And it applies not only to the desktop interface but also to mobile applications.

So, following the above criteria, let's move on to the best cryptocurrency platforms you should consider.

1. Coinbase

There is a reason why Coinbase is number one on our list. It is still the oldest cryptocurrency platform on the market after its launch in 2012. And in 2021, it was made public in Nasdaq. At the same time, this platform provides you with more than 50 cryptos for your business experience. More importantly, it comes with a free wallet with private keys to ensure its cryptographic storage.

Coinbase is well known for its above-average transaction fees. You will incur a Coinbase fee and a distribution fee when making transactions.

2. Pandar

If you’re looking for a Nigerian-based platform with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that supports mobile transactions Pandar could be the right one for you. It provides its users with almost all the most popular cryptocurrencies to trade and invest in. So far, the platform does not have a minimum deposit, which makes it even better for beginners.

Launched in 2016, Pandar is an easy platform to navigate and work with. That is why it continues to be an accessible platform for both active traders and beginner investors. When it comes to customer service, Pandar does not disappoint. It provides customer service both by phone and email, accessible at any time. 

3. Binance

This cryptocurrency platform needs almost no introduction. It is large, and popular in the market right now. Binance provides users with several cryptocurrencies to trade and invest in. To make it convenient for users, Binance has an official Trust Wallet for cryptographic storage. This wallet is a highly qualified free application on the App Store and Google Play Store. And since the wallet is not essential, you can freely use another crypto wallet.

In addition to crypto security, Binance also protects deposits made in US dollars. This money is stored directly in bank accounts in the custody of the FDIC. Even better, if your cash amount is up to $250,000, you get automatic insurance that allows compensation in case of bank failures, theft, brokerage failures, or even unauthorized transactions.

4. BlockFi

BlockFi is one of the platforms that provide interest for your crypto. In addition, it allows you to save your crypto assets in case you need cash. And how do you do this? BlockFi loans make it possible. It allows a minimum account of $0, which means that you can deposit any trading amount. More importantly, it provides diversified customer support for its customers. Customer service ranges from the phone to email and chatbot. BlockFi charges a margin fee for any operation carried out. In addition, it provides a free withdrawal for cryptocurrencies and stable currencies per month. So, to save money, you can limit your withdrawals to one per month.

5. Pandar, again

In addition, to the crypto features mentioned above, Pandar also offers its users a platform to trade other digital assets like gift cards via mobile app available to Android and iOS users. It has an interface that looks as elegant on the phone as it is on the desktop.

Now that you know the best encryption platforms, you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs. Also, remember that dealing with cryptocurrencies can be risky. So you may eventually want to know more about ways to secure your cryptography.

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