The Additional Benefits of Owning Gift cards

February 18, 2022
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The word "Gift Card" is beginning to become a familiar name around. In recent times, a lot of brands have adopted these digital assets both as a marketing tool to bring and keep customers, to simplify purchases at their brand for customers, or for corporate rewards for employees. I don't want to move too fast, to make sure I do not leave any stone unturned I would be taking it from the top. 

What Are Gift Cards?

These are digital assets that serve as an alternative method of payment only for a specific brand. The idea behind this product was to make purchases easier by broadening your payment options at such a brand. They are two major forms of gift cards, which are physical and e-code. 

  1. Physical Gift Cards: This type of gift card come in hard paper or plastic form, you can see and touch them. They generally have higher rates than their e-codes counterparts, because physical gift cards are more in demand.  
  2.  E – codes: Just like the name implies, e-codes/ digital gift cards come in electronic form. Once you purchase it, the details of this card would be sent to your e-mail by the seller. E-codes are also very good and certain brands prefer and restrict their gift cards to this form alone. For example; Razer Gold.

I believe it is quite clear how efficient these gift cards are as an alternative means of payment. However, they can be useful for other purposes. It should be obvious by now that these digital assets are great presents to gift loved ones. On the special occasion of a loved one, you can decide to play it safe and smart by giving them a nicely funded gift card from their favorite brand, restaurant, or website. This way, they have the opportunity to pick the items they truly desire. 

Gift cards are also a great means of exchange. "What does this mean?" you may be wondering. In today's world, cash is not the only method of purchasing goods and services. Digital currencies and assets have emerged like cryptocurrencies. In this same light, gift cards can be used as a method of payment for providing a service to a customer or selling an item.

This makes sense, but you are thinking, when I receive the giftcard/s how do I get the cash value, especially here in Nigeria. 

You need a gift card exchange platform. Finding just any would not be an issue, because there are tons of these in the country currently. However, using the best certainly comes with its many perks. 

What is the Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria?

If you are looking to get the best gift card rates, trade on a user-friendly application, fast payouts, and have a reliable and available customer support team 24/7, you should not be looking at any platform other than Cardtonic. 

Cardtonic is a modern-day gift card exchange platform, based in Nigeria, that bridges the gap between individuals who require cash and businesses in need of discounted gift cards. The platform is secure and well trusted. 

How To Sell Your Gift Cards For Cash on Cardtonic

Some say it takes longer to make noodles than to trade on our platform. As a first-time user, you would have to start from the top. Subsequently, all you need to do is open your app, trade, withdraw and repeat.

1. Download the App: For a more convenient trading experience, you can get the application on both Google and IOS play store by simply searching "Cardtonic"

2. Register on Cardtonic: Once you open the app, you would be required to either sign in or register. Details like your name, email address, account number, etc would be required. 

3. Trade: This might be the easiest part of it all, click on trade gift cards and input the necessary details of your card. Upload the images, and click on "Start Trade"

4. Withdraw: After a trade is completed, you can immediately request a withdrawal. The amount of your successful trade is automatically reflected in your Cardtonic wallet. To withdraw for the first time, you would need to set a pin. Go to the menu section, click on Authentication and set a 4 digit pin.

For subsequent withdrawals, all you would need to do is input that 4 digit pin when submitting a withdrawal request.

Now you have all the ammunition and conviction in the world, to start collecting gift cards as a means of payment, and also purchase them for loved ones here in the country. With Cardtonic around, getting monetary value for these digital assets would never be an issue.

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