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January 19, 2022
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SSL Certificates have become very important for every public data transmission done via the internet. Your website, apps, email server and every other public communication protocol need an SSL to secure the communication.

Thus, it is vital to consider the type of SSL to deploy for your websites or apps, as you are deciding on the domain name for your startup.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates have become indispensable in today’s internet world. They are no longer optional. It has since become a World Wide Web where the aim is for every active domain deployed for any live service like web hosting, email, chat etc, to be secured with an SSL. An example of an SSL in action is the web address https://web4africa.ng

There are many reasons why every active domain name needs an SSL certificate.

1. Rank Better on Google

The search engine giant has since made it necessary for every website to rank better to have an SSL. As a result, they made it a stronger ranking signal since 2019. While this is only one of several other ranking factors, it is a tie-breaker where two websites are vying for a key phrase, and one doesn’t have an SSL. The Google effect has probably been the most crucial reason many websites have installed an SSL in the last seven years.

2. Encrypt data transmission

In a world where Wi-Fi networks have become ubiquitous, an SSL on a website can make a big difference, especially where the user connecting to the website is doing so over an unsecured network. This is because the encrypted data transmission over TLS encryption is protected from the eyes of hackers or any other intruders who may be peeking into the network traffic.

3. Trust

Trust is essential on the Web, especially for impersonal transactions. SSLs like Organizational Validation (OV SSL) and Extended Validation (EV SSL) encrypt the data transmission and come with a badge that shows that the company behind the website has been verified to exist. In the case of EV SSLs, the legal registration, physical address and telephone number of the company or organization that applied for the SSL are all checked before the EV SSL is approved. Buyers who can see that the company is real are more likely to trust the website before handing over their credit card details to make a purchase.

Aside from the strong reasons listed above, it is a good idea to be a sensible member of the internet community who wants data security for all. An altruistic reason for complying is not wrong, even if the website is not e-commerce.
SSL certificates don’t cost an arm and a leg these days. You can always find one that fits your budget and requirements at Web4Africa, an established company with experience in the domain name and web hosting industry.

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