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The Power of Social Influence on Cryptocurrency – HUH Token Set to be the Next Shiba Inu

January 06, 2022 · 3 min read
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Content producers and influencers are looking for new methods to monetise their intellectual property, image, and likeness, and blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming more important. The adoption of this new technology is causing a fundamental change in how money moves through the ecosystem of the entertainment business.

The Difference Between Influencers and Content Creator

We often use these phrases interchangeably, yet there is a significant distinction. An “Influencer” is a broad phrase that encompasses someone with a huge following. Professional sportsmen and actresses are often influencers who create an impact with their public personalities but do not always do so by providing content.

There are content producers who are influencers, but not all content creators are influencers. Many social media superstars have risen to popularity on sites such as TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch, but there are many more producers out there who haven’t yet made it big.

HUH Token (HUH)

One cryptocurrency that understands the importance of social influence is HUH, which was recently launched in early December 2022. This cryptocurrency is a self-described ‘utimeme’ as it takes both the propagational power of a meme with the functional utility.

It is currently available on Pancakeswap, but it has also gone multi-chain and was released on Uniswap, Ethereum’s exchange network, on the 6th of January. There are apparently more listings happening being announced at the end of this week. In regards to this cryptocurrencies meme potential, it has been announced that hundreds of well known, viral, Instagram and Twitter influencers will be posting about HUH towards the end of this month.

This, combined with their referral mechanism, has the capacity to propel it into a Shiba Inu frenzy. The token launched to a 6000% increase without their army of influencers. This coming demonstration is only a taste of what is to come, the marketing campaign is incredibly strong for this cryptocurrency, and it’s well understood the value that attention has in the cryptosphere.

Blockchain Content

When it comes to utilising content on the blockchain, it’s recommended that producers begin with NFTs. Fans and creators/influencers have several options to interact in novel ways. NFTs use the same blockchain software as cryptocurrencies, but instead of holding financial assets, they represent intellectual property ownership. HUH Token is also utilising this strategy too. They will be airdropping NFT’s at the end of this month to their presale participants.

Personalised creator tokens are a lesser-known use of cryptocurrency. These may be one-of-a-kind community-building materials; think of them as elite-level membership passes. Ownership of these assets offers greater access to the creator, enabling both artists and fans to trade enormous value in a fast and secure manner. It’s a new source of money for creators. It might be a chance for fans to engage with artists on a deeper level. HUH Token also plans to create a platform for this type of monetisation, integrating itself as a platform and participating in the Metaverse. Their plans for a Met-HUH-Verse is illustrated on their whitepaper.

Blockchain Opportunities

But, more intriguingly, there may be possibilities to get paid in cryptocurrency itself, which might have a significant upside if the value rises over time. However, given the market’s volatility, it is critical to do research to assess the advantages and drawbacks of going down that path.

Creators may invest directly in different cryptocurrency initiatives, which may be more immediate. Although the great majority of media sources focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in circulation. Don’t be afraid to look into other emerging brands, like HUH, since there are many interesting prospects as our digital world becomes more decentralised.

Crypto is at a tipping moment, and influencers and content forerunners are playing an enormous role in educating us on the potential power of a decentralised society. Potentially there may be gratitude for the labour and sacrifices done by many public personalities in order to aid in the education process and usher in a new age of financial empowerment and interconnection.

Crypto Criticisms

Scepticism and criticism are important to keep pushing the limits of this technology so that it can become more scalable and broadly accepted. It is critical to only participate in this market if you are completely at ease. Before going on this trip, always undertake your own research and due diligence.

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