Chase The Crypto Dogs: Shiba Inu The 3rd Most Used Token and HUH Token Experience 100% Bounce Back.

December 24, 2021
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With Elon Musk’s recent announcement that Tesla will be accepting Dogecoin for some of its merchandise, it’s no wonder that the cryptocurrency dogs are seeing a spike just ahead of Christmas. 

In fact, crypto Christmas might be one of the reasons you’re reading this article and for that, I don’t blame you… as cryptocurrency is seeing, this month, an increased acceptance throughout the world, from traditional banking seeing the perks of cryptos blockchain technology to sporting entities using cryptocurrency. 

It’s no wonder that Shiba Inu is the 3rd most used token this week and HUH Token have experienced numerous wins since their birth in early December… though why should you chase the crypto dog Shiba Inu and gift HUH Token this crypto Christmas season? 

Shiba Inu Take The Bronze Model

Shiba Inu is one of the top dogs on the market, literally, and for that reason, the Ethereum based token has seen a spike this week amidst the likes of Dogecoin that saw a spike last week thanks to Elon Musk. 

USDT and USDC were only ahead of Shiba Inu on Ethereum’s blockchain, and it seems from EtherScan that Shiba Inu had the third most unique users holding SHIB, over a whopping 78,000! 

This figure could suggest that holders of Shiba Inu are in fact holding their tokens this time around, and therefore, pushing the number of SHIB holders to well over a million holders on the Ethereum blockchain! 

Potentially, the future of Shiba Inu is going to be bright in 2022, meaning you could be catching up with the meme-inspired cryptocurrency ahead of the growth curve. 

Ethereum whales seem to be holding Shiba Inu for longer and for that reason alone you could see the benefits from SHIB over the coming months as more and more investments should come and increase the value. 

Furthermore, holding the cryptocurrency could see SHIB usage go up as well, as the value isn’t assigned simply to a pump and dump sort of market.

Crypto Christmas this year, for you, could see the cute dog-faced under your tree or in your virtual Christmas stocking. But don’t just take my word for it, you should always do your research into cryptocurrency before becoming a holder.

100%, HUH?

HUH Token has witnessed an amazing first few weeks on the cryptocurrency market and it seems just in time for the Christmas cryptocurrency season, with over 12,000 holders with aims of 1 million holders in 3 months, a $4million worth burn of HUH, and amassing market cap over a million! 

Not only this but HUH Token also benefited from a 100% bounce back rate from market dips… market dips naturally occur in such a volatile market however the 100% bounce back from HUH Token might demonstrate that the use of multichain technology can offer some protection from that volatility. 

Also, it seems that as the holders and HUH’s value grows the popularity of the world’s first Utimeme does also. 

Currently, you can become a holder of HUH Token and be a part of their unique referral smart contract where you receive a code, that when used by others, will grant you (the holder) a 10% BNB bonus and the referred individuals a 10% sales fee reduction. Said code can be used by as many people as the HUH holder would like. 

With HUH Token gaining popularity and holders it could potentially see the cryptocurrency be one of the largest altcoins on the market in 2022 and you could be a part of that because of a simple gift. 

Whether that’s from you to you or you to a loved one, it’s a gift from HUH to you. 

Remember, it’s always advisable to do your research into cryptocurrency before becoming a holder, as currently, it appears that crypto regulations are just around the corner as Robert Courtneidge believes that ‘crypto regulation will elevate the cryptosphere and experience for investors, holders and the ever-growing potential of crypto as one of the main finance structures.’

You can begin your research by clicking the links below or Googling the currencies in this article just in time for the crypto Christmas season.


Learn More About HUH Token Here:
Website: https://huh.socialHUH

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