Chainlink Price Recovery and HUH Token Trade Volume Consistently Over $1 Million – The Crypto Future Is Bright

December 24, 2021
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Chainlink and HUH Token are two examples of a world of cryptocurrency full of opportunity. The more cryptocurrencies that are released, the more people seem to join the crypto markets. This gives many people an opportunity to create a vast amount of wealth small investments. Projects such as Chainlink and HUH Token have shown this and are showing signs of a lucrative future. Chainlink has shared some exciting news with the world and HUH Token has had a launch that has generated unfathomable returns and could continue this trajectory. 

Chainlink provides data and information to sources on the blockchain from sources that are not. Chainlink achieves this through the oracles involved in their smart contract. Smart contracts are executed when conditions are met and cannot be changed once on the blockchain. 

An oracle is software known as middleware, and it is the intermediary section of moving data to and from a blockchain. In likelihood with all cryptocurrencies, Chainlink is decentralised and therefore doesn’t have one oracle. As more people act as oracles for Chainlink’s network, more nodes exist and the network remains decentralised. This eliminates a large amount of risk that a centralised network has, namely security.

In the past few days, Chainlink has experienced a sharp decrease in price, all the way down to $16.17. Earlier in the week, Chainlink’s native token LINK was valued at $20.54. The upwards trend in price is comforting for many as Chainlink has valuable use cases and wishes to demonstrate this further. 

The recent trend could be attributed to Chainlink announcing that Eric Schmidt has joined Chainlink Labs as a strategic advisor. For those unaware, Eric Schmidt was the CEO of Google from 2001 until 2011 and continued to serve with the board of directors afterwards.

HUH Token is a potential wealth-generating token that utilises its smart contract to increase the number of tokens a person owns over time. The creators have claimed combined the words utility and meme to give their token the attribute of ‘utimeme’. This provides the benefits of being a fan favourite meme crypto whilst providing value to the community that purchases the token.

HUH Token generates more of itself for wallet holders through a process called static reflection. As the term static implies, the tokens continue to be generated without any input from a holder of the HUH Token. Simply owning any amount of it inside of a wallet will redistribute more. Holding more HUH Token as the price of the currency increases will result in a more lucrative portfolio.

One of its most impressive strengths comes from its referral system. HUH Token has created a referral system that rewards users in BNB (Binance). BNB is the native token of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in existence. Providing BNB for referring others will result in a diversified portfolio for buyers. This reduces risk and maximises rewards as both cryptocurrencies increase in value.

HUH Token had an awe-inspiring launch, in under a week its value saw a market price increase of over 4000%. HUH Token has also surpassed a $3.1 million 24-hour trading volume, a feat that not many new cryptocurrencies can claim.

Since then, a dip has occurred and will give many the opportunity to join the cryptocurrency before they become listen on other exchanges and listing websites. HUH Token have declared that they would like to be on at least 100 exchanges in a year and hope to become a competitor to the world's top cryptocurrencies.

The future looks bright for certain cryptocurrencies. In the case of Chainlink, signs of recovery for the right cryptos are starting to become apparent. Chainlink’s recent news will give hope to many who support the project and others who want to join. 

HUH Token has demonstrated that a token can experience a large amount of success even during a bearish trend. With such a strong launch, and as it has just become available to everyone, this may be an opportunity for many to collect some HUH Token while it is experiencing a natural dip in its price cycle. 

An early purchase at a low price could end up providing vast rewards, just as in the case of Shiba Inu.

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