Scorefam’s Record-Breaking Campaign: The MVP Launch that Hit 67,192 users within 48 Hours

December 23, 2021
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Scorefam Begins Its Private Sale Round (17th December - 31st December)

Scorefam is a blockchain sports gaming platform for sports lovers that merges blockchain technology alongside its many benefits with the thrill of staking on any football match of your choice. Our aim is to create a community of users who are versed with the new age technology and find benefit in our very versatile platform. We look to create a social-oriented platform where users from around the world can earn while engaging in a safe and secure space. 

(Scorefam Homepage)

On the 14th of December, 2021, we launched the MVP of our platform. We gave users the 

opportunity to stake on a preset football game and thereby, earn a specified amount of $SFT when their predictions are accurate. Essentially, call it an airdrop infused into an MVP.

Within 48 hours of launch, we amassed over 67,192 stakes from 67,192 users. Thus proving the fact that our product has a great market fit. It also potentially proves that our platform will have a huge influx of active users when we launch the beta platform by the 1st Quarter of 2022.

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($SFT Airdrop Campaign)

Very few projects have been able to record this huge number of participating users at an early stage of the product. By our projections, our project will hit the record number of 1 million users by the year 2022.

By then, there will be a high distribution of the $SFT, high transaction volumes on both cryptocurrency exchanges (where our tokens are hosted), and the Scorefam platform (where live staking will be happening).

What’s more, over the past few months, We’ve managed to gain support from notable brands such as Chain Link, TDeFi, and Sportmonk. Also, Scorefam looks to secure a partnership in the coming days with Vanilla Network & Sin City ( a metaverse platform on the rise). These brands aided us in developing a platform that caters to the needs of sports lovers in this technological age. As we enter our Private Sale stage, we're looking to partner with strategic investors and also long-term holders.   


“The platform is built by the brightest minds in cryptocurrency, business development & programming, taking into consideration usability, user experience, user flow, creativity, and a seamless transaction system,” said Adeyemo Simisoluwa, Chief Executive Officer of Scorefam. “At this infant stage of what other brands have called ‘high potential’ it is crucial to have a hands-on approach to the vision” he added. 

In addition, the platform will use the $SFT as the in-game currency, meaning, like chips at a casino, any transaction that takes place within the platform will be conducted through the use of the designated Scorefam Tokens. This can be used to place stakes in the platform on any football match of your choice from over 200 football leagues in the world.

Furthermore, Scorfam will begin its Private Sale on the 17th of December and end on the 31st of December 2021 at a token price of $0.02 to 1 $SFT to raise a total of $1.7 Million.

To sum it all up, we’re a team of some of the best programmers, designers, marketers, content creators, and analysts and it shows. Since coming on board, significant growth has been seen in just a few months. A team bound by the grind, mutual respect, trust, and a single desire to move forward. We bring innovation, empathy, and creativity into everything we put out, making sure that our community gets the best of us every time. At first a group of strangers but now an interconnected body of diverse people working together to achieve what can only be described as GREATNESS. We’re family! Click here to see more about Scorefam.

Meet The Founders: 

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Founder & CEO Simisoluwa Adeyemo        Co-Founder & COO Babasola Sofowora

Join our Discord and Telegram Channels and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on everything Scorefam.

Contact us at if you’d like to work with us. 

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