3 Reasons Why A Crypto New Year Should Be Filled With HUH Tokens $4million Worth Burn and Dogecoin Dominating 85% of The Meme Market in 2021.

December 23, 2021
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There are many reasons to get into cryptocurrency, some that even seasoned crypto lovers might not know of yet. 

But as the end of the year draws closer, it appears that cryptocurrency, especially altcoins are gaining in incredible popularity just in time for that New Year’s Eve shindig and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. 

Though, this crypto New Year’s Eve you could be celebrating with some of the top altcoins, like HUH Token and Dogecoin, in your digital wallet and here’s why that might just be better than a party popper and a red paper hat…

  1. Greater Acceptance and Use of Crypto in 2022

It appears that as an already largely popular form of currency, that crypto is vastly becoming the most sort after currency around the world, for differing reasons… cryptocurrency technology is potentially solving financial issues and could see greater leaps in bridging the gaps of tech and financial poverty … as well as, teaching many how to easily know about finance in general. 

Though this might have been a far cry from why Bitcoin was invented, it seems like the, almost, the only way forward for finance as the world grows evermore tech-savvy. 

In fact, financial expert Robert Courtneidge has spoken on the matter of crypto regulation being just around the corner and believes that ‘this will aid in protecting holders and investors in the cryptosphere’ and as more and more individuals use cryptocurrency it could even spell great benefits for the planet as well. 

For instance, with Ethereum’s shift to Proof-Of-Stake, that’s set to reduce their power usage by up to 99%. 

Dogecoin might be able to fund SpaceX’s next satellite launch if Elon Musk gets his way and HUH Token is endeavouring that everyone can be a HUH Token holder under the paraphrased notion that ‘you don’t have to be rich to be in crypto’ and with HUH Tokens later endeavour of MetHUH where holders can be rewarded for something as pure and simple as a compliment.

Which might just be better than party popper in your back pocket this new year.

  1. Holders See Value Increases of Their Currencies

With popularity, for meme coins like Dogecoin and HUH Token, the value of their currencies can increase by the power of you (a holder) as the more people there is the greater value they add to the currency… it’s a pretty nifty practice. 

This is one of the reasons that altcoins often become the favourites against Bitcoin, where Bitcoin whales will pull large amounts from the founding-crypto and inject them into altcoins like Dogecoin and HUH Token, further adding in value. 

Recently, HUH Token burned $4million worth of HUH to increase the value for HUH Token holders, that at the time of writing, was over 12,000 HUH Natives strong, with aims of 1 million holders in 3 months… though with HUH Tokens increasing value and a market cap over $147million in three weeks it’s no wonder new and seasoned crypto lovers are flocking to the utimeme. 

Speaking of value, it’s prudent to note that HUH Token offer a smart contract referral where holders receive a code that, when used by others, grants the holder a 10%BNB bonus and the referred a 10% sales fee reduction… the code can be used by countless people and therefore countless rewards and ever-increasing value… that’s one smart contract.

Given that Dogecoin is favoured by Elon Musk, the dog-faced currency almost need only rely on the power of the once immensely popular doge meme and a blunt tweet from Elon.

Though, it appears that HUH Token's core belief of generosity has continued, from its $4 million burn to its present goal of a $500 million market value on Poocoin by Sunday, December 26th, by gifting new and seasoned investors $500,000 worth of HUH Token through a top deposit method. Deposits must start at $1000 and can be increased as much as you'd like... HUH Token will reward 5 random winners and the top 20 deposits in the following manner:

No. 1 Spot: $100k worth in HUH Tokens No. 2 and No. 3 Spots: $70k in HUH Tokens each

No. 4 and No. 5 each have $30k in HUH.

No. 6 to 25 - each worth $10,000 in HUH.

Tokens will not be vested and can be sold as soon as they are received if the winners so desire. From now until December the 26th 00:00 GMT+1 this will run. 

  1. An Altcoin Supremacy? 

Does all of the above then coincide with the altcoin supremacy of 2022? Potentially, is the answer, given the stats and figures of Dogecoin and HUH Token on the likes of Coinmarketcap.com, Coingecko.com, Poocoin.com, BitForex, PancakeSwape, UniSwap and others. Which are great sources of information for those looking to become holders of HUH Token and Dogecoin.

Dogecoin, at the time of writing this, with Shiba Inu dominated 85% of the altcoin market, and it appears that with growing popularity their needs to be a usage capability as well… which is one of the reasons Dogecoin holders were more than thrilled when Elon Musk announced certain Tesla merchandise could be purchased with the meme currency. 

This is where HUH Token appears to shine bright for its holders, as the utimeme is exactly that… a cryptocurrency that harnesses the power of popularity as witnessed by its $147million market cap, and the usability of a utility currency… meaning that in 2022, HUH Token could see a massive influx of holders that rush to get their slice of the ever-growing HUH Token.

With Dogecoin and HUH Token at the front of the Altcoins, it could potentially spell out altcoin supremacy for 2022. 

If you’re looking to do some more research into cryptocurrency before you become a holder, then you can do so by visiting the links below or having a quick internet search.

Website: https://huh.social
HUH Official Swap- https://swap.huh.social/
Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/

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