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Hedera Partnership And Entrance To The Metaverse – Alongside HUH Token’s One Million Wallet Holder Prediction

December 20, 2021 · 2 min read
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Hedera has declared its new partnership in recent days, which could lead to some exciting projects moving forward. Hedera’s token is expected to increase in value if they can continue to demonstrate the power of their network and that they are continuing to develop.

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that launched on the 6th of December. To the surprise of many, HUH Token had an exceptional launch. Its price increased by 4000% before facing any significant resistance. The Token has some impressive standings considering it has not been widely available as of yet. As the token becomes more available and its future vision becomes a reality, it could result in vast rewards for its holders.

The Hedera Network, which claims to be the first public distributed ledger network fit for the security and stability needs of huge enterprises, is stepping into the cryptocurrency virtual worlds, striving to establish what it calls an enterprise metaverse.

HBAR Foundation supports the Hedera Network by providing grant money towards its goals. They have established a connection with MetaVRse. MetaVRse is a web-based platform that is used by creatives to make metaverse related apps with ease.

Virtual and augmented reality is applied in various forms, including video games and social platforms are what encompasses the metaverse, which combines them all. The metaverse relies heavily on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which give players ownership of their characters, in-game items, and virtual land.

With future projects underway and partnerships continuing to develop, Hedera will continue to excite new investors. With the unveiling of their progress as time goes on, their native token will also increase in price.

Another project that joining early could reward investors for is HUH Token. As mentioned before, their progress from launch has been considerable and could continue improving as they become more widely available and hit their multi-chain goal. 

HUH Token has already seen incredible uptake, with 12,000 wallet holders already in existence. They have also consistently maintained a trading volume of over $1 million from their first day, demonstrating that the token is popular and people are trading it. 

HUH Token have a wider idea for their token in the future. Their white paper outlines a MetHUH that will reward both users and social influencers on the platform. The platform will use HUH as its native token and will reward social influencers for using their platform. Social media has become an essential part of many lives in recent years and has shown no indication of reducing its impact on society. Therefore, projects related to this section of the internet can obtain great success.

Hedera and HUH Token are planning to utilise the promising metaverse that will soon be upon the whole world. As their platforms both release more information regarding their projects, their native tokens could vastly appreciate. Purchasing these native currencies before they become popular could significantly increase the margin of returns.

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