$1 Million HUH Token Burn This Wednesday and What That Means For You, Bitcoin in Search for Lost 50Mil In The Australian Market and Ethereum Climbs

December 19, 2021
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This cryptocurrency season has been one for the books, from HUH Tokens more than successful launch, Bitcoin experiencing one heck of a rollercoaster ride and Ethereum seeing yet another climb. 

However, this Wednesday could be one to make note of as HUH Token are set to burn $1 million worth of their own HUH Tokens to increase the value of HUH Token for its holders, beneath I’ll explain how you could be a part of that burn and why you’d want to be. 

Bitcoin lost $50 million on the Australian crypto market and there’s a search to find the lost funds… though, it seems that at least 20% of Bitcoins overall sum on the market today is lost currency that will never be found… could this be the same fate for the Australian loss? 

Ethereum might just manage to finish the crypto Christmas season on high as ETH bulls drive the value up past $4,000 after it plummeted from the safety line! 

HUH Token Burn, Baby 

On Wednesday the 15th of December HUH Token will burn $1 million worth of their HUH Token reserve to increase the value of HUH Token for their holders, and it appears that the buzz around this burning has set the internet alight. 

As HUH Token boasts 10,000+ holders, 0ver 6000% increase, an estimated $10 million+ in trading volume in just over a week and a unique referral system* it’s no wonder that HUH Token are taking the crypto world by storm. 

That means that HUH Token holders could potentially see a great return in the coming days, possibly like when those who deposited $1000 saw a $10,000 return, though of course there’s no way to be sure. 

Though, if you’re looking for something to spice up your Wednesday evening and potentially create generational wealth as well, HUH Token might just be the place for you. 

You can find further information on HUH Token via Coinmarketcap.com, Coingecko.com and purchase from BitForex and PancakeSwap, as well as their own website. 

*Unique referral system: the holder will receive a code that when shared and used by friends, family, or whoever you choose, it will grant the holder a 10% BNB bonus and the referee will also receive a 20% sales fee reduction. 

Bitcoin’s Australian Tulipmania  

After the collapse of two Australian cryptocurrency exchanges 50 million was lost and it appears that 100 of crypto investors have no idea where their money has gone. 

Some experts have likened this loss by ACX (An Australian crypto exchange) to Tulipmania, a financial model and point in history when physical tulips could far exceed the price of house or the living wage of most people. 

The outrage felt by holders with ACX have filed lawsuits against the exchange and would welcome repayment in bitcoin, Ethereum and the likes, as long as their monies are returned. 

It seems that the Australian crypto market might take some time to repair as investigations are underway has to how that much money was easily lost by ACX. 

On that note, it’s always prudent to remember to research before you buy into cryptocurrencies as the market is highly volatile (outside of this rare loss). 

Ethereum Climbs Once Again

Ethereum might have been saved from its plummet beneath $4000 by ETH Bulls who are set to push Ethereum well above the $4000 benchmark before the new year rolls round. 

Though it seems that other than this small plummet, Ethereum has done exceptionally well admits its Arrow Glacier update which is set to offset their power usage by up to 90%, which might have been a reason that Ethereum plummeted slightly. 

As, the new POS system makes mining harder, and therefore might have ruffled a few feathers in the cryptocurrency market… but, as one of the biggest cryptocurrencies on the market Ethereum could be set to see a higher percentage increase around Christmas time, and just in time for gifting! 

Though it’s always best to research before you buy and you can do this by visiting the links below or Googling the currencies in this article. 

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