Top 5 web analytics services from Alex Reinhardt Academy

December 6, 2021
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A website is one of the main selling tools of any business, especially if you sell exclusively online. Here, it is crucial to evaluate incoming traffic and user experience with products and interface continuously, constantly improve the technology you use, strictly observe SEO, and do many more things. It is impossible to increase the conversion rate or conduct A/B testing on the website without analytics! That is why you need special services and platforms.

The Alex Reinhardt Academy has gathered for you only the best and most versatile of them, ideally suited for both small and large businesses. The founder of his own online business training platform, Alex Reinhardt, is a businessman himself - his staff and the Academy experts actively use the selected platforms. Try them out too! What's more, they are all extremely low-cost or even free of charge.

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1. Google Analytics

The most famous, free and up-to-date web analytics service that deservedly tops all the rankings! Its functionality is enormous. For example, it allows you to:

  • set up filters for incoming information;
  • personalise customer segments;
  • analyse individual traffic flows;
  • monitor page statistics and visualise user interactions with it;
  • check website speed;
  • analyse conversion rates and the sales funnel;
  • analyse the impact of social media marketing on the website;
  • optimise advertising, etc. 

Google Analytics gives access to almost all the most important information that a business person or marketer needs to increase conversions and improve website performance. Nevertheless, it does have some shortcomings, such as the difficulty of handling the interface for those new to analytics. However, Alex Reinhardt's Academy offers in-depth business and business analytics training, so we can easily help you solve this problem. Moreover, the platform is a leader in website analytics and is suitable for all niches and companies of all sizes.

2. GetClicky

Clicky is one of Alex Reinhardt's favourite analytical tools! It can be considered the second most popular after Google Analytics. GetClicky is also often used as a supplement to that platform, as it has its unique advantages.

The key difference between GetClicky and Google Analytics is the speed with which it displays data. While Google may have a slight delay despite all the assurances that it doesn't, GetClicky displays statistics in real-time. Moreover, this is essential if you have just temporarily connected some new external traffic source and want to check how effective it is and what kind of increase it gives.

3. CrazyEgg 

CrazyEgg is a web analytics service from Neil Patel, the co-owner of KISSmetrics (another analytics platform not included in this list). It offers many visual maps showing exactly how people are navigating your site. For instance:

  • Heatmap. The service shows where and how often your site visitors click. This way, you can easily see which navigation buttons are more convenient and which information is more relevant. Additionally,  you can easily increase the conversion rate by making the appropriate adjustments to the rest of the site. 
  • Scroll map. This map shows how far people are scrolling through the page and helps determine exactly when users are closing it. 
  • Confetti is a tool that allows you to segment all the clicks performed on the website by sources, search queries, and more. 

And many other visual tools too! The Alex Reinhardt Academy highly recommends this platform for beginners precisely because of its simple and clear visualisation.

4. Mint Analytics

You have to subscribe to Mint Analytics, but it only costs $30 per annum without any additional costs or subscriptions. That is a good enough price tag for such an extensive service: it has a very pleasant and flexible interface, clear diagrams segmenting all the information needed for the business, and all rival services' features. The main advantage, again, is the price, which is the most budget-friendly on the market, not counting completely free platforms like Google.

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5. Open Web Analytics

The simplest and most flexible web analytics, just as its name suggests. The service is open source, so with the right programming knowledge, you can customise it for the specific needs of your website. In addition, unlike Google, Open Web does not affect your site's load speed at all. You can install it directly on your hosting server.

Open Web also integrates easily with Google Analytics and is great for webmasters and developers. The service provides several trackers, including user activity tracker, browser javascript tracker, e-commerce tracker, and conversion tracker.

Are you seeking to learn how to master analytics and improve your website or marketing strategies? You'll learn all of this in online business training at the Alex Reinhardt Academy. Here, international IT and start-up experts share their experience and unique tools with those who also dream of conquering the market.© Alex Reinhardt Academy ® -

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