A Quick Glowing Review Of The International Bulk SMS Gateway Provider - CheapGlobalSMS.com

December 2, 2021
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There is no gainsaying that SMS still poses an insanely high open-ratio (95% to 98%),

hence it's only normal that we take a moment to talk about this surefire communication technology.

What comes to your mind when deciding on what bulk SMS provider to choose?

Naturally, you would want to consider their delivery rate, reporting, pricing, payment options, network coverage and ease of use right?

Well, you're not wrong; a reliable SMS gateway provider should ace all these features, and as a matter of fact, you shouldn't settle for less.

That brings us to the discussion about CheapGlobalSMS.com, an outstanding international bulk SMS gateway that conveniently fits into all these criteria and more.

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So, let's take a look at how cheapglobalsms performs, against each item of these checklist:

  • Bulk SMS delivery rate: Owing to the delivery routing options, which you can specify when sending your messages, (cheapglobalsms.com has 3 options: Optimal Standard Route, Priority Delivery Route & Best Pricing Route) you can optimize your bulk SMS marketing campaign for best results; based on your use case and budget.

For instance, to send transactional/OTP SMS, you may use the Standard or Priority delivery route; whereas, if you are broadcasting promotional SMS campaign to millions of unrecognized recipients, and looking to save cost significantly, you may rather opt for the best pricing route.

  • Delivery reports: It is one thing to send out bulk SMS, it's of more importance to know the delivery rate and statistics; but you'll agree that the most valuable information is to know what "exactly" happened with each recipient phone number in your bulk SMS. Such cases as when it is:
    • Delivered to Handset;
    • Unknown subscriber;
    • Absent Subscriber;
    • Message Expired (happens several hours after which the recipient's line didn't come online)
    • Rejected by operator / Invalid destination address (in which case, you SMS credits get automatically refunded by the system at cheapglobalsms.com); 
    • Call Barred/handset memory full (examples of handset originated errors)

The list goes on, but that's the idea. You'll get the exact explanation of what happened to any SMS that didn't get delivered, and you will also know when your SMS get delivered to each recipient.

  • Low Pricing: Well, when a website name literally says Cheap Global SMS, it's safe, expecting it to be a low price SMS gateway
  • Customer support: The only thing that is more satisfying than excellent customer support, is the excellent customer support that are always available, like on cheapglobalsms.com. Meanwhile, you mostly won't even need to interact with the support, as the bulk SMS platform is completely automated in operations. Which brings us to the next point: 
  • Ease of use: nobody wants to spend an entire hour figuring out how to use a platform; "time is money". That's why you could simply
    • Sign-up or login, (and get SMS credits if you haven't).
    • Click on the menu to Send SMS
    • Type your text, Specify your preferred sender-id, Paste the recipients and send.

(All formats are intelligently supported on cheapglobalsms. You can even upload a file containing list of recipients in .csv, .txt, .xls/Microsoft-excel spreadsheet or plain .txt file with comma and/or newlines separating each recipient number)

  • Easy payment options: While many tech savvy may need to send bulk SMS with Bitcoin or Perfectmoney on cheapglobalsms.com, others may prefer to buy bulk SMS units with their credit card or even pay via bank wire or transfer. All these payment methods are supported in a simple, automated payment flow.

Cheapglobalsms gateway accepts Bitcoin and Tether USDT for those in preferring to use stable cryptocurrency.

  • Global network coverage: if you check the coverage list, you'll observe that about all the countries are represented on cheapglobalsms.com/coverage. That is a good thing. You would want a global SMS provider, rather than a different bulk SMS platform for targeting each country, right?
  • Straightforward bulk SMS API documentation with examples for developers: The docs speaks for itself.

And SMS API pricing doesn't cost differently from sending normal bulk SMS. No additional activation/subscription fee. In fact, WordPress users would like the WordPress SMS Plugin while someone else would consider the white label SMS software or widget.

What More?

  • Virtual number / 2way SMS: You can buy virtual number for SMS verification, or just to receive, view and/or process SMS response from your audience. CheapGlobalSMS allows you to receive SMS online, forward incoming SMS to your web application through HTTP web-hook or access your text via API requests.

And just like everything else, getting your virtual number on cheapglobalsms is also a seamlessly automated process, as a matter of fact, you can get virtual number via API on cheapglobalsms.com

  • Bulk SMS Reseller: Being an SMS reseller on CheapGlobalSMS.com does not require any special activation, simply buy credits at big volume (therefore lower rates) and resell to your clients at your own pricing. But that's not all.

There's this reseller starter pack with which you can kick-start your own bulk SMS website by taking advantage of our ready-made bulk SMS website free of charge. It is a fully customizable website source code, that you could just host and start bulk SMS business.

This narration leaves us with an overview of a top-notch bulk SMS platform, which by now, you'll be itching to explore, so get started at https://cheapglobalsms.com/signup
And oh! there's also free trial credits when you sign-up on on CheapGlobalSMS to test the SMS delivery before you even spend anything.

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