Oraimo Freepods 3 Sold out in First Week of Launch

October 11, 2021
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It’s no longer a news or a debate that oraimo, a smart lifestyle brand is specialized in manufacturing smart accessories has over the years solidified itself as a smart tech-leading and a top-notch quality brand for its esteem consumers. The brand as a force to be reckoned with in the smart accessories market provides its consumers the freedom to explore creativity through state-of-the-art product design/functionality; thereby ensuring a smart lifestyle for its consumers.

Word on the lips of smart accessory consumers and the testimonies of marketers has it that on 28th of September 2021 was a day another milestone was positioned in the entire smart accessory and tech market in Nigeria as oraimo launched the long awaited FreePods 3. Consumer’s expectation, waiting and anticipation was so expressed as the oraimo FreePods 3 was completely sold out in first week of launch. Quite incredible but not surprising that such a feat was achieved effortlessly in a single day, oraimo’s credibility in producing durable, quality and value-filled accessories has over the years been tested, and it’s however been found to be up to the task of setting records of solving problems and breaking records again.

Whilst customers haven’t completely gotten over the innovation’s packages and features in the FreePods 2, oraimo also successfully calibrated consumer’s taste buds to long for a more mind-blowing and mouth-watering product as they we’re left in the jigsaw crucible of speculating the possible features of the FreePods 3. The long-anticipated release of the FreePods 3 to many people was like a driver in haste for a million-dollar appointment whose eyes are glued to the traffic lights on ready, waiting for a go. oraimo gave the new FreePods 3 TWS (True Wireless Stereo) the Midas touch as the high expectations they had was met by this new sound magic oraimo has made available with the new HavyBass technology, oraimo’s exclusive bass boost system, which has been applied in the audio products.

With the quality and value enshrined in the FreePods 3, the public, sound lovers, music enthusiasts and smart accessory freaks are in a frenzied anticipation for more innovations the oraimo brand will again diffuse in the tech space. Everyone’s speculations of the features of the FreePods 3 were tremendously surpassed, now people just expect oraimo to do their magical thing again.

With various tech news sites, analysts, users, and journalists airing several opinions and views on the possible reason for the FreePods 3 being sold out in a single day of which some of the points raised was the high quality of the preceding product (FreePods 2) could’ve been a strong factor to the sales record of the new device. The specifications of the new released FreePods 3 were also emphasized and pointed out to be a major factor that could’ve sponsored the selling out of the FreePods 3. Every of the features of the FreePods 3 is tailored to meet specific needs of Nigerian consumers in terms of sound, durability, and design.  

LONG PLAY TIME: power instability in this clime won’t be a problem articulated to the new device as it boasts of 36hours total play time and 5minutes charge for 40min playback, at full charge a consumer can go a full day without getting cumbered with charging as there’d still be an excess of 8 hours for the next day.

CLEAR VOICE IN CALL: (Environmental Noise Cancellation Tech) the FreePods 3 is fortified with the possibility of blocking external and surrounding noise, affording the consumer a better and environmental noise void voice and aiding a better hearing condition and balance for people on the other end of the call with the inbuilt ENC feature of the FreePods 3. 

SOUND QUALITY: 2baba engaged in the tuning. It’s tuned for Afrobeat, graced with a deep bass experience, distinct stereo sound and above all designed for Naija. The oraimo exclusive HavyBass technology has been inbuilt to give a bass boost, which has been applied in the audio products.

Sweat Proof: FreePods 3 is designed for users not to panic about sweat or fluids that encounter the product, courtesy of its IPX5 Water & Sweat Proof. So, you can vibe to a song at the gym or any activities and not bother about the sweat droplets affecting your device.

Sweat proof isn’t just the only makeover this product wears, the Dust Resistant feature is second to none as the FreePods 3 isn’t vulnerable at the face of dusts.

Bass & Awareness Modes (in-ear and half in-ear) convertible: the very first brand to do so in Nigeria, 2 modes for both ears; Bass Mode and Awareness Mode. The bass mode blocks out ambience noise and stops air leakages to boost the bass while the awareness mode will let you adapt to your surroundings which means you can listen to music and still be able to hear important sounds like car horn, sirens without any danger to the user.

Open the case lid and Connect Instantly, the swiftness of linking up to the main device is light motion-like, connection of devices to the FreePods 3 outshines every other similar smart product in the market so conveniently without hinderances.

The FreePods 3’s Ergonomic S/M/L 3-size Ear tips is to achieve the maximum practicable and obtainable degree of efficiency, productivity and comfort. Also, the FreePods 3 is design BT 5.2 Chip for a seamless and faster Bluetooth connectivity.oraimo with its degree in excellence and quality coupled with the brand’s high value for its consumers provides a 1-year warranty with Carlcare’s high-tech support. As a brand whose durability can be vouched for, the testimony and praise of the value fused into every product has earned it the support and trust of several gadget dealers, consumers, and tech enthusiasts all over the world.

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