Level up your smartphone photography with Infinix Zero X Series

September 24, 2021
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A powerful, portable, and reliable smartphone camera system has never been more in demand in a world where people want to capture their entire life on a smartphone. As smartphones evolve, this way of exploration becomes more and more exciting. Every year, tens of billions of photos are taken by smartphones worldwide, and consumers’ standard for smartphone photography is higher than ever. Following this trend, major smartphone manufacturers have placed the improvement of camera functions as a strategic focus. Recently, Infinix launched their latest flagship device, the ZERO X series, which includes the ZERO X Pro, ZERO X, and ZERO X NEO. These premium devices focus on empowering today’s youth to explore the world around them and discover their creative potential.

Next level camera technology.

As a flagship smartphone focusing on photography, Infinix equipped the ZERO X Pro with a 108MP OIS ultra-night Venti camera, an 8MP periscope telephoto with 5X optical zoom and 60X hybrid zoom, and a 120° field of view (FOV) 8MP ultra-wide & macro lens.

The ZERO X Pro, fully loaded with a 108MP OIS ultra-night Venti camera, is very different from ordinary smartphones in terms of camera clarity, revealing far more detail than can be seen with the naked eye. The ZERO X Pro is also the world's first 108MP smartphone installed on the MTK 4G platform. It offers a powerful, attainable photographic solution for numerous consumers wide-wide looking to take their smartphone photography to the next level.

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Zoom in.

The design of the ZERO X series is inspired by the Navy submarine periscope. Although the length of the lens cannot be further compressed, the light path can be extended due to the submarine structure design that allows the light trajectory to reflect and rotate by 90°. Therefore, ZERO X Series smartphones can achieve 5X optical zoom and 60X hybrid zoom to take images with distinct and rich details at ultra-long distances. ZERO X series smartphones have a triple-lens camera with 100X step-less zoom function. Its camera also has a relay zoom function ranging from 0.6X to 60X, where the total relay capacity is up to 100X. This makes Infinix the first in the world to support 100X stepless zoom on the MTK 4G platform. 

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ZERO X series smartphones also come equipped with the Super Moon mode, which combines the 60X periscope telephoto camera and Galileo Algorithm Engine, a top-notch software feature developed by Infinix that allows high-resolution Moon snapshots. To take photos of the Moon, point the camera lens of the ZERO X series smartphone to the sky, and switch on the Super Moon mode by simply sliding up from the bottom of the camera interface and start snapping fantastic looking images of the Moon on a clear night. This is Moon photography made simple with ZERO X series' 60X zoom.

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Fantastic low light performance.

ZERO X series smartphones are equipped with Super Night mode. Utilizing top-notch algorithm improvements from Infinix, delicate details, including the rich colours and texture, can be accurately retained even when taking photos in dimly lit locations. Many of Infinix’s target markets don’t have the best lighting conditions at night. The ability to shoot fantastic night photography is a huge benefit for many young photographers using Infinix smartphones to capture exciting moments after dark. 

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The Super Night portrait mode on ZERO X series devices gives users the option to shoot stunning selfies at night too, gone are the days when your selfies only look goodie the day. In addition to photography, ZERO X series devices are also equipped with a Video Super Night mode to solve the problem of blurry videos when filming after dark. Using Infinix’s innovative Hybrid Image Stabilization (including OIS+EIS) solution, the final footage will be stable and clear, no matter if it is telephoto photography or video captures of moving objects.

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A customer-first mindset.

Infinix has gathered hundreds of world-class engineers to ensure that Infinix smartphones are crafted with the best technology available at attainable price points. According to NASA’s detailed maps of the world, there are far fewer lights in the emerging markets that Infinix targets. Therefore, Infinix engineers specifically solved the problem of low-light photography in the ZERO X series. As an additional benefit to Infinix users, Super Night Portrait Mode is also developed with multiple skin tones in mind, allowing consumers of all skin tones to take full advantage of all features for the best selfie possible.

A leading Infinix R&D engineer stated that “Our mission is to challenge the impossible. We also have strong ambitions to present consumers with better smartphones and make breakthroughs in smartphone technology.”

As a young, smart technology brand deeply involved in emerging markets, Infinix strives to continue learning and developing innovative technologies. This is so that consumers worldwide can discover their creative potential, create compelling content, and share wonderful life experiences with their family and friends. Capture the world around you with a Zero X smartphone, and be sure to share it with #Infinix so we can share it with our global community.

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