The AFRIDEX PROJECT: African Blockchain Startup Decentralizing Finance in Africa!

July 27, 2021
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AFRIDEX is a blockchain technology company deploying decentralizing applications (DApps) to solve the existing problems facing the finance world due to the flaws in the centralized system. The various projects embarked on by AFRIDEX will help shape the Finance, Education, Art and Entertainment Industries.

AFRIDEX Ecosystem!

AFRIDEX Exchange

AFRIDEX Exchange will allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital assets, such as conventional FIAT money or other digital currencies. In addition, the AFRIDEX exchange will make it possible to Africa startups to tokenize their products easily, crowd fund their business ideas, and have it easy to list their tokens for trading.

AFRIDEX Smart chain

To make it easier for various tech startups to come to the blockchain mainstream, AFRIDEX would also deploy its own smart chain to allow them easily tokenize their products.

Projects with good use cases would easily be listed on the AFRIDEX exchange.

This platform focuses on creating a space to create DApps and other DeFi products and enable transactions in the blockchain network. It is a platform built for the deeper adoption of blockchain technology in Africa and beyond.


AFRIDEX Finance is a borrowing and lending platform that enables users to provide financing for willing borrowers without the need for traditional collateral. Unlike the prototype of peer-to-peer lending, where borrowers interface directly with the lenders, the lending liquidity pools act as the intermediary, which directly works with the algorithm to provide liquidity for the transactions, and the transactions in the pools are automated in sync with each transaction. At the end of each trade, transaction fees are charged and then distributed to the pool participants.

AFRIDEX Payment solution

The AFRIDEX payment solution will help facilitate business-to-business and business-to-customers transactions in Africa. The AFRIDEX payment solution serves as a financial intermediary between two transacting parties as a decentralized financial protocol.

AFRIDEX NFT Marketplace

AFRIDEX NFT Marketplace is a platform that will be used to trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or digital assets, which can be anything from objects like art, music, and videos to memes. The platform will be run on the AFRIDEX Smart chain, a blockchain platform created and run on the AFRIDEX ecosystem.


AFRIDEX EduXtra will help with human capital development by creating learning hubs across Africa dedicated to helping the young population to acquire skill sets as software application developers focusing on blockchain development. This would help see more African based blockchain startups solving African financial problems!

Why Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Should Take Advantage of the AFRIDEX Project

The potential and the impact of Africa on the cryptocurrency ecosystem are huge. Admittedly, the industry is still nascent, but its potential to solve solutions in Africa is pretty huge.

According to JP. Morgan - one of the leading financial outlets globally, Nigeria is the third-largest trading volume of cryptocurrency globally; only the USA and Russia have the highest trading volumes than Nigeria in P2P trading.

These statistics show that Africa is a global player in the cryptocurrency industry, yet no Africa coin is on the first 20 coins based on market cap and trading volume.

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$AFDT, AFRIDEX Governance Token

The $AFDT is the tokenized integration of the AFRIDEX solution protocol to the blockchain and crypto-asset community. It was developed hoping that a digital token and its linked blockchain could facilitate much more than just peer-to-peer electronic value transfer.

Why Should Every Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Own an $AFDT Token?

$AFDT is a governance token that allows you to be part of the decision-makers for the AFRIDEX ecosystem.

With the $AFDT you can farm other project tokens deployed on the AFRIDEX Smart chain. The AFRIDEX Smart chain would be deployed with the vision of making it possible for FinTech startups to tokenize their products and have an AFRIDEX exchange to list and get them traded easily.

The $AFDT token is a utility token that would benefit HODLers in the long run.

$AFDT ICO Launch

The ICO launch will commence on the 1st of August, 2021. Interested participants can buy the token here.

A detailed guide on how to buy the token is available here.

If you want to acquire the $AFDT token you can do that via the ICO.

Link to ICO video on YouTube

AFDT Global Ambassadors

AFRIDEX offers incentives for 1000 people to become their ambassadors. 

Ambassadors will be rewarded with 100 $AFDT worth $450 quarterly when they complete their tasks.

Conclusion: The $AFTDT token has a lot of potential and is going to be one of the best coins in the world. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, one of the best things to do is invest in projects with good potentials like AFRIDEX. Imagine your net worth if you have invested in the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

To learn more about AFRIDEX, join the various social media platforms and website.

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