An opportunity to become an Ingressive for Good (I4G) Student Ambassador in Ghana and Nigeria: Fawale Timilehin’s story

by | Jun 30, 2021

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Hello, my name is Fawale Timilehin, and becoming an I4G Student Lead Ambassador at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) was the best decision I made last year. Participating and serving the community as a circle lead is an eye-opening and refreshing experience for me. I learned to stretch myself to reach and surpass my full potential as a leader and a communicator. During this opportunity, my co-lead and I worked together to build the team we needed to execute the herculean task of building the maiden tech community in our school. 

Ingressive For Good as a network is packed with opportunities targeted at the growth of its members and program beneficiaries. I have had the opportunity to network with new people with similar goals, share ideas, and plan events & meetings together. Through a collaboration series with three other circles, I was able to work as a unit with others to drive a larger force. The events were a success, and I gained a lot from them.

The first-hand access to programs and events from the headquarters has also given me a considerable boost in my career. The scholarship to learn tech skills with the Zuri program was a great one in particular. It made me accountable and brought me closer to my goals.

Balancing school life with community leadership is a challenge I am glad I picked up. I learned how to plan better and maximize my time for maximal productivity even while giving myself to community service. It is a great honor to serve, grow and share and connect with great minds. 

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As a student ambassador, you would be required to host monthly tech webinars and distribute opportunities shared by I4G within your school. You would be a rockstar impacting the lives of students in your school. The benefits of being an ambassador are endless and worth it. Benefits like: 

  • First-hand access to resources, scholarships, jobs and opportunities, PR and speaking opportunities, certifications, and great experience to highlight in their resume/portfolio. 
  • They also get many personal growth opportunities as they proceed in their careers.
  • They get to build and lead a tech community on their campuses and meet and network with amazing people and thought leaders in the tech ecosystem.

Ingressive for Good has opened its student ambassadors program to expand the I4G Circles from Nigeria to Ghana and reach more students in Africa while fulfilling its mission to increase the earning power of one million African youths by empowering them with tech skills and placing them in jobs. The I4G Circle is an exclusive student community of young, smart, confident, and influential students in universities across Africa passionate about tech and leveraging it to solve problems. Ingressive for Good is looking to leverage the I4G circle program to connect more students to technical training, microscholarships, and tech jobs. It’s a community many students crave to be part of. Apply now –

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In less than one year of operating, they have organically trained 66,570 African youths in tech, grown their community to over 81,590 members, built a student community of over 15,000 people, and awarded over $42,600 in scholarships. They have also deployed over $5,000 worth of tech tools and data. They have partnered with Facebook, Coursera, Yale African Startup Review, Jobberman, DataCamp, and many global companies. To deepen their reach and impact more African youth will also be launching officially in Ghana.

With brands like Twitter, Facebook, Google deepening their presence in Africa, there is an opportunity for more African youth to gain access to work with global tech companies and even build tech startups that could be acquired. There is a need for well-trained Tech community leaders to continue to nurture and level up community members, share success stories and even connect talents to jobs. Read Testimonials by Current Student Ambassadors:  

This is timely because when it comes to the evolution of the tech community in Africa, the top countries on the list are Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Ghana is emerging as one of the most robust and developed tech ecosystems on the continent, and I4G will add to the strength of Ghana’s growth by providing free access to resources, scholarships, technical training, and information.   While many Ghanaians have benefited from I4G’s scholarships and opportunities in the last year, the nonprofit is looking to recruit Student Ambassadors in Ghana and Nigeria to grow tech communities within their schools. These ambassadors will be trained to observe skills gap and, with the resources provided by I4G, upskill their community members.  This will help drive more tech opportunities to Ghanian students, document and showcase the skills and expertise within the tech ecosystem in Ghana and Nigeria.  

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How to Apply:

  •  Register by  filling the application form here –
  •  An email will be sent for the next steps. Complete those steps.
  •  Qualified applicants will submit  a 90 seconds video explaining why they should be accepted.
  •  If an application or video interview is successful, they will be accepted into the Cohort and official training for an ambassadorship. 

Criteria for Qualification

  • Must be studying in an African  university
  • Must be willing to train others
  • Must possess leadership skills
  • Must complete application
  • Must have a technical skill
  • Have a history of impact. 

Apply now –

I4G Circle Mission: Inspire, Empower, and Connect African Youths in Tech

I4G Circle Values: Help others, Add value, Connect, Keep Growing (HACK)

Don’t miss this opportunity. Apply now –

This opportunity is open to students in Nigeria and Ghana only.

Learn more about I4G here –

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Brand Press

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