RapidPay- A new may to send and receive money from the abroad

April 20, 2021
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If you live abroad or have family abroad then you know the struggle of sending money back home or receiving money from them. For recipients especially, there are  moments when you need urgent funds for your school fees, rent or other purposes however, you end up missing your deadline due to the complicated process  or issues that arise from receiving money from that generous family member abroad. That’s no way to live in the 21st century and that’s exactly why we are here for you.

What comes to mind when you hear Rapidpay is exactly what it is, a platform that makes your transactions happen at the speed of light.

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Rapidpay is a highly secure platform that enables Nigerians who live anywhere in the world, to send money back home with ease. They can send the money in dollars or cryptocurrencies through the Cash App, coin base or crypto wallet to their loved ones within 5 minutes. The best part is that there is no transaction limit and their loved ones do not need to associate with crypto currencies because they receive the naira equivalent of the money.

Furthermore, if you work with international clients and earn in foreign or crypto currencies, you can start receiving your salary through Rapidpay. It makes your life easier.

Let’s tell you how it works

Get started on RapidPay here https://rapidpay.africa/ 

1. Select the send option 

2. Enter the recipient’s account details

3. Enter the amount you want to send in USD, BTC, ETH or USDT

4. RapidPay generates a unique wallet address connected to the recipient’s Nigerian bank account which you’re required to copy.

5. Send the cryptocurrency to the copied wallet address.

6. The naira equivalent is automatically credited to the recipient’s account.

RapidPay is quite easy to use, works at lightning speed and gives you the best exchange rate hence, if you’re looking to sell or buy crypto currency from anywhere in the world with your debit card, you can do so on Rapidpay and get paid in time. You can also send cryptocurrencies to another Rapidpay user for free.

That’s not all, RapidPay is making loans accessible to all its users. With no bank documents, collateral, credit check or long protocols, you can access instant loans which can be up to half the value of your crypto asset. 

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Businesses aren’t left out too as the platform has easy payment tools which can be integrated on your website and mobile applications. 

RapidPay has taken a big step in facilitating the process of sending money from anywhere in the world to Nigeria, by removing unnecessary intermediaries.  

You can get a first hand experience of  RapidPay here

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