Peeamo: Solving the loneliness of Nigerian professionals, one download at a time.

by | Feb 10, 2021

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What’s harder than finding a bug in a thousand lines of code? Probably finding a tech bro with a partner that understands his erratic work schedules and loves him despite it all.

But this isn’t just for professionals in the software development field. Freelancers, doctors, CEOs, and a ton of other professionals have been known to work for undefined hours with little to no time for themselves. For them, finding that special someone could be something of a daunting task. But Peeamo is here to prove that even the busiest bee can find love in the honeycomb.

Launched by Longanware LLC, a Delaware Software Solutions Provider, Peeamo is a private dating App designed specifically for Nigerian professionals. 

With its simple user interface and a wide variety of profession-specific Avatars, Peeamo is a unique, fun, and private dating app experience created for single professionals in Nigeria, as well as their counterparts in the diaspora. It enables its users to connect with other professionals in their field or other fields and foster healthy, viable relationships with people that understand the demands of their jobs.

The app includes varying thoughtful features that undoubtedly erase any fears concerning privacy and security from the minds of its users. The ‘verification’ feature, for instance, prevents cases of spamming or fraud. Peeamo ensures that all its users are screened and verified to be genuine professionals before they can connect with other people or send any messages within the app. The verification process includes uploading a valid identity card to confirm your user profile. After verification, a badge is issued to the user’s profile and he/she can go ahead with building relationships.

Web Profile PEEAMO

Peeamo redefined the idea of privacy in dating apps by having the user profiles represented by Avatars. That way, a user can keep their personal images off the app while connecting with people that are interested in the information shared on their profile. This feature helps to build relationships with roots that aren’t skin deep.

The ‘Communities’ feature rolled out in the app was also designed for the sake of connection but on a larger scale. The feature enables people with similar interests to share their thoughts and opinions on varying topics in a non-intrusive environment. The purpose of this feature is to grow virtual communities of like-minded people and possibly translate those communities into real-life connections and friendships.

Asides from being the only light at the end of the tunnel for some love-deprived professionals out there, Peeamo has made it clear that it’s not just concerned with the hearts of its users, but their security and privacy as well.The app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and via the Peeamo website.

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