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December 17, 2020
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A Crypto payment gateway allows business owners and ordinary users to accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) transactions on their website or social media platforms. With the wide use of bitcoins and other alternative coins in Nigeria, the use of crypto currency has grown wide and almost everyone has heard about bitcoins or has traded bitcoins before. 


Payment processors like enable the immediate conversion of bitcoin and other altcoins into local currency (Naira). Cryptopay allows business owners to automate receiving of crypto payments and provide a couple of other tools, services and reports to help make the whole process as convenient as possible. It is a simple process where the business owner goes through cryptopay to receive bitcoin on their website or social media, in return cryptopay credits the business owner Naira instantly to any bank account in Nigeria. 


  1. Standard API (Large organizations)
  2. Small business Link (Small business owners)
  • STANDARD API (Large organizations) offers an application programming interface (API) for companies that want to use our payment gateway services, some of our API services are listed below.

  • APIs to receive bitcoin(crypto) and convert to naira
  • APIs to receive Naira (local currency) and convert to bitcoin (crypto)
  • APIs to receive bitcoins and forward to another bitcoin address
  • APIs to create unlimited bitcoin wallet addresses
  • APIs for verifying user (BVN)
  • APIs to check live Rates
  • APIs for live reports and transactions

With all these services mentioned above, companies are able to customize their interface and have a direct connection to our services. 


The small business link was mainly designed for small business owners and traders, who wish to receive bitcoin (crypto) in exchange for their goods or services. With SBL, A business owner can receive payment from any buyer anywhere around the world.  A bitcoin address is generated for the buyer to transfer bitcoins as payment for a good or service. As soon as the bitcoin is received, we pay the business owner the Naira equivalent to any bank account provided. It's simple, the buyer pays in bitcoins and the business owner receives naira instantly. SBL can be shared anywhere, email, social media and any other message platform available.

Sample of SBLimage1


In the world we are in now, everyone is always looking for a more efficient way to make payment, fast, secured and reliable and the most important reason for any business owner is being able to reach a wider scope of countries and not worry about exchange rates, currencies and conversions. With crypto currencies (Bitcoins), there are no restrictions, anyone from anywhere around the world can make payment while you receive Naira instantly.

Below are some other reasons why you should start receiving bitcoins on your website.

• You current customers have access to a new payment mode

• Access to new customers who prefer using bitcoins

• Allow customers make payments without sharing any personal or private information. 

• Payments are secure and remain on a public ledger for anyone to track.

• Reduces charges that come with other payment platforms.

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