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Payvest Launches New Investment Mobile App in Nigeria

July 16, 2020 · 5 min read
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Payvest officially launched its investment mobile app that makes savings and investment in Port Harcourt and Nigeria easier, safer, and profitable. The Payvest app offers customers the power to save at any frequency they want and also invest in low-risk opportunities at any time and from anywhere. While guaranteeing earnings of 5% – 15% interest on savings monthly and 40% – 100% return on investment per annum, the Payvest app gives users the resources to structure their finances, diversify their income, and manage their investments.

Payvest operates with the core principles of Capital Preservation, Capital Appreciation, and Return on Investment. Its portfolio managers, R&D personnel, and business development experts work to ensure that its investments are directed towards profitable opportunities in transportation, food processing, and portfolio management in Port Harcourt and Nigeria.

Payvest’s business portfolios are tested to reduce risk exposure and to deliver the expected returns to its customers before they engage their funds. The company also conducts timely evaluation checks on all the featured projects in its portfolio to ensure that the risk on them is mitigated. When users of the app invest in project opportunities from any location in Nigeria, their earnings are guaranteed.

Unbeatable Savings and Investment Package

Payvest offers users five different savings packages that are unmatchable in terms of the interest rates and returns anywhere in Nigeria. This ensures that customers who do not feel comfortable putting their money in investment opportunities abounding in the country can save it and watch it grow. Payvest’s competitive packages include the Lockdown, Flexi, Trickle, Gold Portfolio, and Platinum Portfolio.

1. The Lockdown Savings Package
Payvest’s Lockdown Package helps its customers grow their idle funds during the COVID-19 economic upset while waiting for a time when things will return to normal. With a minimum capital of N100,000, users of the Payvest app can receive 6% – 8% interest monthly for a period of 6 – 12 months after the maturity time of 1 month.

2. The Flexi Savings Package
With the Flexi Package, Payvest guarantees customers with a capital of N20,000 an interest rate of 5% monthly on their savings. This savings package matures in 1 month and you can save for up to four months (quarterly). With this plan, Payvest proves that it is possible to make money from its app with limited funds without necessarily investing in opportunities in Nigeria.

3. The Trickle Savings Package
Like the name, Payvest’s Trickle Savings encourages users of the app to save as little as N1,000 and get returns for their money monthly. While commercial banks in Nigeria may deduct from their customers’ savings to service their accounts, Payvest pays its customers 1% as interest monthly for saving their N1,000 with them and there are no hidden charges involved. Customers can save money for an indefinite time and let their capital appreciate.

4. The Gold Portfolio Investment Package
Payvest’s Gold Portfolio Savings Package is for those who wish to commit huge sums in savings and get good returns for keeping their funds fallow. With a minimum capital of N1,000,000, Payvest guarantees a 10% monthly interest rate. So, customers can earn N100,000 monthly for depositing a million naira in Payvest. This package has a lifetime of 3 months.

5. The Platinum Portfolio Investment Package
This is where savings in Nigeria becomes a huge investment with great returns. With this package, Payvest encourages customers in Port Harcourt and Nigeria with a capital of at least N20,000,000 to save and receive 15% interest on their capital monthly for 6 months. While this may not equal the returns on investment opportunities available on Payvest, it is a worthy investment in Nigeria, nonetheless.

Project Sponsorship that Changes the Game in Investment in Nigeria

Payvest’s Project Sponsorship is the real deal. It is Payvest’s investment opportunity for those in Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria looking to invest in a lucrative business to receive profitable returns within a short period. With as little as N25,00, Payvest assures its customers of a 40% interest on their capital which matures after 6 months, while allowing them to invest in any project on the app with such capital for a year. Then with a minimum of N100,000, customers can get a 100% interest on their capital after 6 months if they invest in projects on the Payvest app with that sum. This package has a duration of 1 year.

Why Payvest is the Best

Payvest offers its customers a variety of guaranteed high returns on their savings and monthly interests on their investments within a maturity period of 12 months. Whether for short-term or long-term savings, Payvest has a package for users of the app, to enable them to start saving.

Also, Payvest simplifies making money online for customers from anywhere in Nigeria, including Port Harcourt, Lagos, and Abuja through savings and investment. With the Payvest app, users can plan their savings and build a standard investment portfolio without undue pressure. The app offers flexible investment options that users can add to their portfolios and grow their money.

Finally, Payvest prides itself on being the most secure provider of savings and investment opportunities in Port Harcourt and Nigeria. It keeps your money safe as all its projects are duly insured by AXA Mansard and Leadway Insurance.

Download the Payvest App today from Google’s Play Store or the iOS App Store to start receiving 5% – 15% interest monthly on savings and 40% – 100% return annually on investments.

For more information on Payvest, visit

About Payvest

Payvest is a financial platform that offers access to investable opportunities in various commodity markets and diversified industries such as FMCG, agriculture, and banking services. Payvest is highly committed to providing a balanced financial solution and diversified portfolios that enable its customers to achieve their financial targets. For the last 18 months, Payvest (formerly X10Money) has handled funds worth hundreds of millions invested across various projects. Some of the available projects in the Payvest app include the Go-Dou Project, The Mini-Banking Project, The Portfolio Project, The Fish Farm Project, and The Index Project.

● Expanders Fish farm
Expanders Fish Farm is an agro-based company that allows people to easily fund and invest in fish farming to increase local food production and agricultural produce in Nigeria. With a fish hatching capacity of 800,000 fishes monthly, we hatch and sell fishes to other farmers who raise them to juvenile and table-size fishes. Our farms are located in several parts of the country and are managed by experienced on-site staff with support from local farmers and financial partners.

● ACH Foods (Go-Dou Project)
ACH Foods has an installed capacity to produce between 5,000 to 10,000 doughnuts daily. With our RTM (route-to-market) model, we are able to supply and penetrate the market selling doughnuts on a daily basis. As part of our commitment, we are currently working to open a 50,000 daily production doughnut capacity factory in the heart of Lagos to serve the state’s domestic consumption.

● PayPoint
PayPoint is a mini-banking solution that extends financial services to villages without banks. PayPoint offers people in these rural demographics alternative opportunities to withdraw, deposit, and make transfers. PayPoint is growing vastly and bridging the gap of banking deficit for rural and urban regions and providing a mini-bar solution. The goal is to take things a step at a time to help those in these areas have access to banking services through our competitive cash-back solution.

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