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June 29, 2020
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First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room; that question you have right at the tip of your lips. “What exactly is the smart lifestyle?”. Well, without mincing words, the smart lifestyle is that coordinated, semi-automated and stress-free life that is made possible by advanced technology. If you’ve ever paid bills, monitored your child’s activity or kept tabs on your health right from one device then you most definitely have had a taste of the smart life. There’s no voting on if the smart lifestyle is one worth experiencing, but if there was, it’d be unanimously in favor of keeping and enhancing this experience.

The smart lifestyle is no longer just a luxury. In this present day and time, it has become more of a necessity. Interestingly, Infinix has devised yet another means to bring the super amazing experience of the smart life to Nigerians.

It only gets smarter with Infinix.

In a groundbreaking move, Infinix brings the smart experience to the big screen as it launches its new smart TV – S1. Ever made a joke about calling your remote control when you just can’t find it? Well, that joke is about to become a real time experience. Now you can control not just your finances or daily schedules but also everything that happens on the Infinix TV screen from your Infinix device with just one swipe.

With this perfect synchronization of mobile technology and television, human life can become less stressful and more interesting. And that is exactly what smart life is all about – Convenience and bliss.

It’s an indubitable fact that Infinix has always been about granting users access to the smart life. Starting with smartphones, Infinix has made cutting edge technology available to all of its users. Its devices are equipped with super-fast processors that allows its users to perform essential daily tasks flawlessly and without any hassle right from one location.

image 5 1One of such devices is the recently launched Infinix NOTE 7 which took the smartphone market by storm with its industry leading 6.95Inches screen and the super-fast Helio G70 processor. With a processor like the Helio G70 on the NOTE 7, controlling the Infinix smart TV will be super smooth and amazing. Both devices combined will give users a wholesome entertaining experience.

It is also worthy of note that smartphones and the newly launched TV are not the only smart devices that make up Infinix’s product portfolio. Over the years, we have seen several other smart accessories from the brand all created to give its users a better experience. some of these accessories include;

The Infinix smart band

image 6 1For users who are very cautious about their health and always like to know what’s up with their body, the Infinix smart band has become their health companion. The stylishly designed fit bracelet helps users to keep tabs on their health activities.

Infinix Xpods

image 7 1The XPods are Infinix’s customized wireless earplugs. They come in a premium black design and also come with audio enhancement technology for a more soothing hearing experience.

Infinix wireless earphones

The wireless earphones are a slight variant of the Xpods. The have no connecting wires allowing users to enjoy free body movement whilst using them. The wireless earphones synch seamlessly with Infinix smartphones and are perfect for workouts and early morning jogs.

Infinix’s smart accessories have become handy companions for all lovers of the smart life and with the newly launched smart TV, Infinix is set to take the already thrilling experience with its gadgets to a new high. With every of Infinix’s product releases the brand continues to emphasize its core message – The future is now! Users can always expect more from the brand. But now the question is; what follows the launch of a smart TV?

For more information about Infinix and its products, visit their social media pages @Infinixnigeria or log on to their official website: You can also place an order for the newly launched TV on Xpark.

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