Rubies Business Banking and FINTECH services

June 16, 2020
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Rubies Digital Bank, through her API-driven FINTECH offerings and business banking products, powers business and Fintech dreams, from start-up and basic enterprises to high-tech businesses in various/diverse sectors: Digital Banking, Merchandise, Digital Lending, FMCG, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Technology, FINTECH services etc.

Rubies Digital Banking services provided to businesses and FINTECHs are in Payments, Collections, Lending, Intermediation, Direct Debit, Invoicing, Wallet Services, Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Tools (e.g. Payroll, Inventory, Accounting, Sales etc.). Businesses digitize their operations easily, with Rubies Digital Bank.

At Rubies, the process of FINTECH and business onboarding is quite the simplest of things. It takes just about 3 minutes. FINTECHs can visit to get started. A business account here All the steps and interactions are digitized and entirely in your hands – onboarding, integrations, document submission, testing, monitoring, profile creation, mandate setups etc.

Here are some of Rubies Business & FINTECH Banking services:

Wallet Service 1Services – This is for businesses that hold balances for their clients. Rubies makes the wallet service serve as a full purpose bank account, offering the wallet holder full features of banking. This empowers FINTECHs, Financial Institutions and businesses to provide Payments and Savings services through the extension of Rubies APIs to their platforms.

Account Based Payments– This is a cheap, secure and convenient local option for payments that has given businesses opportunity to avoid expensive and unstable card-based transactions, with instant merchant value. This is fast replacing Cards payments. Payment confirmation and notification are immediate and app-based and it can be received at any of the merchant’s outlet points of sales. It is super convenient. Businesses can enrol here

Merchants Cash-Out Services – Agency banking business has been made easier. The very stable, flexible and cheaper option is here. The services are layered with innovative business products that come free to the business.

Digital Banking- Rubies Extension – FINTECHs are able to extend Rubies offerings into their own branded digital banking platform, saving them the need for a banking license and the hurdles of KYC. Rubies worries about the difficult things, while businesses and FINTECHs worry about Business Strategy.

Customized Cards – Cards do much more than payments. Branding debit cards in your business color is what Rubies does for businesses and FINTECHs to enable them grow their identities and connect more with their clients.

Business Solutions – SMEs, FINTECHs and businesses of all sizes can benefit from the business solutions (ERPs) that Rubies offers. Businesses are able to digitize their business operations with a wide range of Enterprise Resource Planning systems: Accounting system, payroll system, Inventory Management system, Collection platforms, Fixed Asset Management systems etc.

Collection & Merchant Services– Rubies offers Receivable & Collection management solutions. Businesses can leverage Rubies Collection suites to digitize sales collections with Rubies Merchant services where they can also manage their products and prices on a democratized, DIY, self-enrolment merchant platform. Some of the services are: Invoicing, Bills Payment, Direct Debit, Receivable Financing (in the works) etc.

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