Why Nigerian businesses should automate their processes using Crater 365

June 3, 2020
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The world of work is changing rapidly, thanks to the rise of automation, cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, block chain and robotics. They are transforming the way organisations conduct their businesses.

These rapid technological innovations, outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the prolonged restrictions of major economic activities have brought about a lot of uncertainties and have left organisations with no choice but to engage its people in productive work, even whilst they are at home.

These rapid occurring events are already threatening the existence of both powerhouse multinational corporations (MNCs) and SMEs and are leading to a total transformation and overhauling of the workplace structure.

To get a clearer picture, private sectors, government agencies, academicians and entrepreneurs are all seeking the roadmap for navigating these profound changes in the world of work.

In order to enhance productivity and stay ahead of competition in this crisis period, business owners must incorporate these some of these new technological innovations strategically, adopt remote working methods, automate their work processes and embrace the virtual reality aspect of technology.

IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, a leading software integration company in Nigeria and a certified Microsoft Gold Partner have consistently provided high-end support to many renowned local and international corporations vis-à-vis enhancing their productivity concerns, by helping them to bridge the gaps around their businesses processes through its cloud, technological solutions, business consulting, software development and implementation services for Microsoft platforms.

The company with a vision of becoming the most Valuable Business Solutions Technology Provider in Africa, through its team of young and brilliant technology experts, have come up with a unique business automation software (Crater 365) that enables productivity from anywhere, helps you work remotely, work fast, work simple and work conveniently.

Crater 365 is a suite of solutions that brings Collaboration into Process Automation and Electronic Documents Management System (EDMS). It’s a Workflow automation platform that orchestrates multiple integrated business processes and case management, in addition provides visibility into each step. Its goal is to manage end-end workflows, support people and organizations as their work habits evolve from a communication focus to a collaboration focus.

It allows users the integration of data and systems, tasks distribution and real time monitoring- now with mobile application capability for everyday work across to the platform, allowing you to work in ways that work best for you.

In simpler terms, for businesses; Crater 365 unifies project delivery from kickoff to cash collection, automate project creation, sends time and expense data and eliminates the need for double entry. In addition, it also enables you to gain minute by minute control over your projects from anywhere, monitor how you’re racing against time, budget and margins and aid you see into the sales pipeline to accurately forecast resource needs anytime.

Why automate your business processes?

The manual workflow has gone obsolete and its use can easily disrupt or slow operation. Due to its lack of transparency, it most times makes employees leave businesses vulnerable to a variety of bottlenecks that create inefficiencies. Automating workflows safeguards against potential barriers and empowers business professionals to directly participate in designing business solutions.

Due to the ‘lightness’ of this solution, the processes of faxing, searching for information for long periods of time, manually handling documents, forms has been removed.

Crater 365 allows for automating of all business process types, for the creation of workflows, active forms, system integrations, dashboards and reports without writing code. In order for businesses to stay afloat and competitive post COVID19 era, there is an urgent need for them to tap into the full set of capabilities needed for automating all types of work at scale, data handling and workflow processes.

Crater 365 Corporate intranet customization and design helps reinforce your brand and its values, improves internal communication, document management with up to date storing, simplifies employee onboarding and provides organizational clarity. And its features come with a plan that aids businesses collaborate with team members on tasks, work on a task collectively or individually to achieve maximum productivity, share suggestions, ideas, have seamless interactions across units / departments, stay up to date on work progress with analytics reports.

This application can be used to improve workflow processes in several industries like the Banking, Manufacturing, Hospitals, Insurance, HMO, Human Resources, training and recruitment, Law firms, Transport Logistics, Advertising Agencies, Cargo monitoring, Shipping, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Customer Service, Telecommunications, Military, Travel, Healthcare, ICT, Media, Govt parastatals and agencies. And also, its decisions tools can be used to build solutions for different types of business problems from automation of user interactions to less structured workflows that are controlled by data and rules, approvals, requests, tracking, handling flat files and other imports, enforcing policy, making decisions, centralizing business logic, outputting to systems and databases. etc.

During the prolonged lockdown caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the company customized a case management Crater 365 software for the health sector in Nigeria, which helped enhance 50 percent faster access to medical records by hospitals and further improved customer satisfaction with 88 percent faster roll out of automated processes. End users can also interact with the crater 365 workflows using rule-enabled smart forms, email, telephony and other means with a mobile and browser configurable portal to manage tasks, initiate workflow and store their own data.


The software helps promote the flow of information and develop seamless communication between employees, which is one of the most important factors for all modern businesses. This collaborative tools reduces complexity in the work process because its customizable and accessible to meet the needs of your organization and its

flexibility brings about increased productivity and further enhances employee engagement, because an entire workforce's ability to view all aspects of the organization processes can bring about complete trust and communication among the employees.

Effective security facilitating features to guarantee you peace of mind with recurring 24-hour data backup, secure Amazon Web servers, SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and data storage has been put in place to eliminate security breaches, information leaks, and other data catastrophes

Crater 365 is a strategically designed digital transformation tool, that aims to assist organisations unlock its productivity, by making it simpler for them to automate their business processes, prioritize and proactively manage work from anywhere.

According to the company’s Head, Business Technology Development, Mr. Isaac Oluwasegun “An organisation’s workforce, does not have to be in their physical office location to use Crater 365, you can always have your work done anywhere and anytime, because its digital workflows and automation unified processes cuts across departments and units is custom designed to make every-day work fast, easy, and productive. The key lays majorly on our team’s understanding of your work process and helping you develop a strategy that best fits your company’s needs.
The right use of Crater 365 automation solution ensures precision, transparency, reproducibility and total elimination of errors in processes; this does not only help your organisations save time and money, but the tool can also assist in collection of information (input), analysis (transformation) and returning of high-quality data (output). Because we understand that the more high-quality data and reliability of processes your organisation has in its work processes, the greater chances they can make better decisions and this will in turn guarantee a quick return on their investment, and also help their business in a cost savings of up to 40% to 75%”.

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