How tech startup Fixlancer is changing the job market in Nigeria.

May 11, 2020
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Fixlancer started its full operation in January 2019, within this period of time, we believe we have exuded the attribute of a Dog's Bullock -bypassing impossibilities and making freelancing a glorious way of life for businesses and individuals accordingly.

As a startup, we are focused on becoming an oasis in the midst of uncertainties with regards to businesses that needs a creative touch from freelancers. We have our target on bringing light to businesses and individuals while connecting them to the right people. It transcends beyond giving light; it goes as far as illuminating even the faintest beacon.

Our in-house operatives were painstakingly selected to make dreams come true. This startup didn't just become; it evolved because we've devoted our creativity and commitment in synergy with the dream in view. Building bridges between needs and solutions is simply the key statement that sparked this fidelity.

There are no crystal balls, but a good way to assess the future is to look at the people inheriting it. Millennial want more freedom to decide when they work and where. freelancing offers both. The idea of Fixlancer in Africa is strongly driving freelancing to a comfortable zone; a home where freelancing will be more of working, earning, connecting, and learning, rather than just working.

image1Freelancers are increasing with somewhat speed of light and this is admirable, but would be a chaos if there isn't enough house to keep and train them. We've set this change to contain this challenge and put a smile in the faces of these passionate freelancers.

With respect to businesses, this change isn't just for businesses to excel, but also to place them in their right places like lampposts lightening the city. This is possible because we are currently housing skilled freelancers willing and ready to engrave their dexterity in every given project.

The emergence of this startup in Nigeria will definitely breathe life into businesses and individuals in Africa at large. The movement has started in Nigeria already, and it will spread throughout West Africa, then Africa as a continent.

Most freelancing websites are seldom easy to access due to restrictions, terms and conditions and so on. But we made this startup to be as easy as pie; all you have to do is log in, register, create a fix, stay active and start earning. Interestingly, bargained amounts between buyers and sellers are held on escrow till both parties are satisfied.

In the spirit or winning and exuding the attitude of winners, we signed 'Efe Ejeba' as our brand ambassador. He emerged as the winner of 2017 'Big Brother Naija show with a crystal clear step of a winner. Likes attracts likes and deep calleth unto deep.

The corroboration of Efe Ejeba with our startup became a toast of the town in all social media and blogs. This bond was talked about outrightly on Nigeria's popular social and news media -Nairaland. Together, we have created awareness and also willing to imbibe the willing spirit in individuals and businesses.

Mr. Edafe Randy who is one of our directors and co-founder affirmed; "We didn't come up with this startup for just working and earning purpose, we came up with the concept of a marketplace that would provide a two sided platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors. That idea of making it safer for both parties is really our focal point. Also, we've been able to scrap the idea of not getting a service after payment, we've seen the ordeals of individuals and businesses, and we created this platform with optimum security so that payments will be done accordingly. Interestingly, we charge 20% in total of all services rendered. The idea is to build more bridges, not destroying the existing ones."

Just like fine wine, we've built a startup that is beautified with great dexterity and the zeal to do more in synergy with time. This change is exclusive, and its light will shine from Nigeria to all over Africa; even the nook and cranny.

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