Infinix creates an online platform that allows users to check in with doctors and health advisors amidst Coronavirus pandemic

April 2, 2020
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In response to the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, smartphone maker Infinix Mobility launches a website to allow citizens to interface directly with medical practitioners and health advisors for periodic checks as well as to lodge queries and get prompt responses whilst they stay at home.

Since the widespread of the Coronavirus, the whole world has been brought to a halt. Individuals, governments, and cooperate bodies have had to pull resources together to curb the spread of this lethal virus and ultimately eliminate it from the planet’s surface.  In lieu of this, Infinix Mobility has swooped in to cater to a very critical aspect of combating the virus; spreading valid information.

One of the major factors aiding the widespread of the virus across nations is the concurrent spread of false/inaccurate information. Different kinds of information are being shared across various platforms. Some of this information has fueled people’s nonchalance towards the virus whilst others have contributed significantly to the fear and panic amidst citizens, neither of which is helping the situation presently. Hence, Infinix has launched a website -, where people can get to; watch videos tipping on preventive measures, read fact-based articles and have a personal live-chat with health professionals. As at the time of this writing, the website is fully functional and all of its offerings available to all visitors.

In addition to this, the brand will be hosting a health talk where a medical practitioner will be discussing various topics surrounding the virus; its nature, means of contact, preventive measures as well as other important issues all in a bid to combat misinformation on all fronts.

“In such dire times as this, we all need to be well-informed of the pandemic at hand as one misstep from one can cause thousands of people to become victims. This is why we are trying as much as possible to combat misinformation and provide every citizen with the much-needed information with the hopes of containing the spread and giving the nation’s medical team a fair chance in curing as much victims as possible without recording any other deaths” said Seyi Ajibogere, Infinix PR manager.

We hope to see more soothing headlines in the coming weeks, suggesting that the virus has been curbed and contacts treated and discharged. However, this is largely dependent on every individual’s compliance to precautionary measures. Log on to the website to learn more about these measures.

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