Low-price, high-specs: Meet the HUAWEI P30 lite

October 29, 2019
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With rumors and teasers arriving en masse over the past week, the smartphone industry is buzzing with news about the HUAWEI P30 lite. Huawei’s flagship P series has always been trusted to integrate innovation into every variant in each new generation of line, and this time is no different.

Premium features like stunning FullView Displays, impressive AI, unique gradient finishing and hyper-cutting edge chipsets have steered the expectations of the smartphone industry in recent years. Huawei’s flagship Mate and P families have certainly helped drive this influence and continue to push the bounds of the industry.

This October, Huawei Nigeria officially announced the release of the New Edition HUAWEI P30 lite, not long after the budget brother in this flagship lineup – the HUAWEI P30 lite – surfaced in public. Compared with the P30 and the P30 Pro, the P30 lite is aimed at an audience looking to spend a little less, but still, have the flagship-level experience they deserve.


How does the HUAWEI P30 lite offer a flagship-level experience? Besides its notably trendy design, the phone’s camera functionality is one of the most attractive points. The HUAWEI P30 lite is known for its photography chops, especially after the HUAWEI P20 Pro became the world’s first smartphone with triple cameras and Huawei quickly became known for being one of the best in the smartphone photography field. It sports a triple camera setup that is nothing but premium. The 24MP HD lens and 8MP wide-angle sensor altogether offer you a grand photography feast.

Although people have gradually got rid of the concept that pixel is the only element that affects photography quality, pixel size is still an important indicator of a sensor’s quality. The HUAWEI P30 lite features a large f/1.8, 24MP HD main camera with 6P’s 0.9 μm pixel size. What does this mean? Essentially, every photo will be bright and crystal clear.

For daily use or travel, the HUAWEI P30 lite’s specifications are high enough to meet almost any requirement a customer might have. The light-sensitive HUAWEI P30 lite perfectly produce the sky and scenery in the daytime by adjusting white balance and aperture parameters. With these capability shortcomings of image quality, like overexposure or darkness are considerably improved. Meanwhile, thanks to the 24MP sensor, pictures taken by the HUAWEI P30 lite are still satisfactorily clear when zooming in.

P30 lite KSP post ultra wide camera

The consumer who chooses the HUAWEI P30 lite is often elegant, trendy and international. They love to be the spotlight and live for the bustling nightlife of the city. While taking photos in low light was once a struggle, until Huawei’s smartphone-exclusive Super Night Mode and 4-in-1 light integration technology changed the game forever. With the HUAWEI P30 lite, the memories of your fantastic nightlife can be saved with clear and beautiful pictures.

Memories are precious, and photography is one of the best ways to ensure you keep them forever. With the HUAWEI P30 lite’s 8MP, 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle camera, all the details of your fantastic life can be locked down. Remembering everything from magnificent architecture to grand natural scenery is a little easier when a 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle lens is handily recording them.

This Ultra-Wide angle lens also acts to improve image deformation, allowing the HUAWEI P30 lite to achieve camera effects of a 103-degree wide-angle lens. This kind of lens can record 2.4x the content that a 78-degree wide-angle lens can. Considering this device has a 24MP HD sensor on top of this 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, it’s obvious the HUAWEI P30 lite will provide a majorly powerful zoom performance. With hardware like this, you’ll love looking back at your brilliant life on the HUAWEI P30 lite’s stunning 6.15-inch Full View screen.

HUAWEI’s P30 lite remains a critical example of the company’s innovation, born to showcase the very latest in research and development. Although the HUAWEI P30 lite doesn’t have the specifications to match the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro, it keeps up with the relevant smartphone developments to provide the ultimate experience for even the trendiest users.

P30 lite KSP post ultra wide camera ocean

When you think about capturing those amazing landscapes on your trip across Nigeria or taking stunning selfies with friends and loved ones, the HUAWEI P30 lite with top-notch performance is the most affordable smartphone to help you achieve all that and more.

The HUAWEI P30 lite is now available for Pre-Order, priced at N99,000. Pre-Order the HUAWEI P30 lite and get a digital wristband, an electric toothbrush (only for pre-order) and also enjoy Airtel Double Data.

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