Collaboration, new tools and real innovation in Nigeria’s Real Estate industry

April 2, 2019
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People who believe Africa is truly rising share a similar conviction about the opportunities that abound, and the people’s willingness to harness those opportunities; which often come in the form of challenges. Of course, for great things to happen, the ingredients are often - a problem begging to be solved, someone willing to solve them and access to the right tools and resources to solve them. In Africa, the problems are many and so are the people - all burning with a desire to write their names in the sands of time.

In Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, there is an average of 1 entrepreneur in every group of 3 young people you meet; all of them striving daily to make their lives and those of people in their environment better. While their entrepreneurial friends in other continents seem to be tackling more advanced issues and going about their innovator journey differently, they and their colleagues back home are burdened with basic challenges like food, shelter, trade efficiencies and more. For instance, while a population boom looms, a house deficit looms as well, which implies that a large number of those yet unborn will be faced with homelessness or the inadequacies of the homes that exist.

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One of the many gifts today’s innovators have is collaboration. Closely tied with collaboration is the gift of technology. Now more than ever people have the opportunity to learn and adapt efficiencies from anywhere in the world, taking learnings and improving them to suit the experience they want for their users. What this often means for users is that they get the best value for the best price, all thanks to technology and the opportunity to chart their own course, themselves. Let’s explain.

Six years ago, a Nigerian real estate firm opened shop in Nigeria’s capital, setting out to do things quite differently in the hope of solving the huge housing deficit that exists in the country. An easy option for them would’ve been to do real estate like everyone else, but they banked on technology and a collaborative approach to offer people real value for money. Despite the deficit that exists in Nigeria, there are a number of unoccupied homes in Nigeria, owing to the fact that they often don’t meet clients’ tastes or are too pricey for the basic things they offer. To be able to stand out, this real estate firm - Hall 7, gives to-be owners the opportunity to design their own homes, while they employ the very best tools to deliver those dream homes, with an extra techy touch.

In a short while, the firm has been able to deliver three massive projects that currently enjoy huge habitation and strong recommendations. One thing the firm prides in is the market it has created for affordable luxury homes. Nigeria has a growing middle class, and it is only smart that premium housing is made available within their financial reach. The way to do this, as Hall 7 has shown over the years, is to provide beautiful homes with usable tech, not pricey ones. The company has been able to clearly define what makes for premium housing and their offer of value over costs speaks to that definition.

Residents of her Bridge Peridot Apartments, one of its luxury projects, enjoy a daily reminder of the classy touch they paid for when they opted for a home there. Each time they step into their home, the lights glow up in a bid to announce their presence and welcome them to their haven. They go on to enjoy more automated responses from their home and the experience of your house being able to regulate itself and try to detect how to make you feel better never gets old and is only possible given how much technology inventions have evolved. As recipients of home automation glory, there are endless possibilities for Hall 7 homeowners, and as always with technology, future homeowners in any Hall 7 projects will find more use to these tools that the firm has mastered.

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Beyond the opportunity to create unique homes with brilliant finishings, new homeowners remain at an advantage considering the amount of things which could be done today, that were impossible years back. Hall 7 has a Hexagon Courtyard as part of the Imperial Vista project, which spots two suspended floors, built with the best architectural calculations and complete quality assurance. Before these homes become brick and mortar, their owners get a chance to virtually tour them, have a feel of the future; and in less time than usual, hold their home keys or key cards in their hands. The seamless process and the chance to create these havens side by side with their owners is one reason for the wide acceptability and the continued fulfilled promise of value.

For the team at Hall 7, led by their CEO - Olayinka Braimoh, the future is really boundless and they can’t wait to create something new alongside their next homeowners.

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