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by | Apr 13, 2018

In anticipation of the launch of the google commissioned research paper focused on Nigeria`s tech entrepreneurship ecosystem that will be holding on the 24th of April, Ventures Platform Foundation on the 10th of April held the first of three tweet chats discussing Nigeria`s tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The tweetchat was a discussion on the opportunities and issues for startup stakeholders in Nigeria`s tech ecosystem and featured notable founders as Seun Onigbinde (Budgit), Dr. Femi Kuti (Kangpe) as well as organisations like Connected Development and Buy Power.

During the discussion, startup founders and others brought up issues and asked questions that need to be considered in the startup space of the tech ecosystem. See below highlights of the conversation:

Jane Odonwodo @jane_odonwodo:
Nigeria’s market size is a mirage for tech startups. Low digital literacy means that very few people are buying online. Startups have to be creative with the revenue streams. #techpolicyng @ vpfoundation


Michael Obi‏ @twisted_myk:
Process is something that’s often forgotten when trying to keep up with the pace startups tend to run at. Yea, a product needs to be built but it needs to be built well to solve problems efficiently. #TechPolicyNg

Emma Mimshach Obioha‏ @Mimshachking:
#TechPolicyNg Nigeria has so much potential as well as challenges. I feel start-ups have a huge role to play in solving those challenges.

CODE‏ @Connected_dev :
The tech ecosystem in Nigeria is filled with technoidealist who thinks technology by itself is the solution to our lingering social challenges #TechPolicyNG

Oti Nkechi‏ @kiki_oti :
A lot of startup founders lack domain experience,  you can’t build a solution when you don’t have firsthand knowledge or experience of the problem. #techpolicyng @ theVPFoundation

David Rotimi‏ @David_Rotimi:
There’s an outstanding lack of tech talent in the Nigerian ecosystem, are there hacks for a startup looking for to build amazing tech on a tight budget? #techpolicyng

Femi Kuti‏ @drfemikuti
Replying to @David_Rotimi @ theVPFoundation
#techpolicyng. Yes, use an out of box tool to build an MVP that makes money or generates traction. The tech talent will come after that, you either hire them or they’ll love what you do so much they’ll want to work with you. Value comes before Velocity

All in all, It was a fun, engaging  and enlightening discussion
Join the next tweetchat in the #techpolicyng tweet chat series. This tweetchat will hold today, the 13th of April from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM and the conversation will revolve around issues and opportunities for investors in Nigeria`s  tech ecosytem.

Be a part of the conversation by following @thevpfoundation and following  the hashtag; #TechPolicyNg


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