SPONSORED: 6 Reasons why Oraimo Powerbank is the best gift to buy this Christmas

by | Dec 23, 2017

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Christmas is a season of sharing; it is also a season of love. One product you should buy for you and your loved ones this Christmas is a power bank; precisely the Aurora power bank by Oraimo.

If you value your relationship, you would know what it feels to be shut off from loves when your phone shuts down. The country’s unstable power supply is inconsistent and unreliable; this makes it so important to own a power bank especially in this month of December where calls will be coming in from everywhere.

Here are some reasons why Oraimo powerbank is the best powerbank to buy in Nigeria and you should consider getting it this Christmas.

It charges really fast

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you try to charge your power bank and after about 6 hours it’s still showing only 30% charged. There are so many reasons for this but the Aurora power bank comes with a fast charging technology that ensures the fastest possible charge. With 6000mAh, your phone will be ever busy this Christmas.

It is durable

We all have at one point in our lives experienced power surge that destroyed our electronics; TVs, DVDs, fans and even our phones.  If you use an Aurora power bank you can rest assured that it would be protected from power surges and other electrical faults due to its surge protection and short circuit prevention.

Oraimo 2

Fig I: How Aurora power bank compares with other brand in terms of features

It comes with In-built LED torch

What makes the Aurora power bank even more exciting is that it comes with an ultra-bright LED torch. So even when PHCN cut off electricity supply, no shaking, just turn on the Led Torch and you can continue the fun as normal.

It has dual ports

Gone are the days when you are left with just one port for charging but with two ports you can charge your phones simultaneously with equal charging output saving you time and giving you freedom.

Oraimo 3

How Aurora power bank compares with another brand in terms of qualities.

It is compatible with wide range of devices

If you multi-task then this is the perfect power bank for you. The Aurora power bank is made to work with a wide range of devices like your phones, tablets, digital cameras and handheld game devices.

Full 365 days warranty

To cap it all, the Aurora power bank comes with 365 days warranty. To put it simply, if your Aurora power bank develops an abnormal faults let’s say in the tenth month of usage, you can get a new one. Just ensure you keep your receipt to get the warranty.

This Christmas should be a memorable one, don’t wait till it becomes an emergency before you buy a power bank. If you buy Aurora, you have the best powerbank in Nigeria and remember you have full 365 days warranty.  Merry Christmas and have a prosperous new year.

To learn more about Oraimo, Visit www.oraimo.com or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Brand Press

This Brand Press article wasn’t written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email business@techpoint.africa.

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