Social Media Roundup: When Drake met Tekno

by | Dec 15, 2017

This week, Nigerian musician, Tekno posted a photo he took with Drake on Instagram hinting at the beginning of a collaboration.

Drake also posted a picture.


Here are a few reactions to the “announcement” by Nigerians.

Nigerian and proud…of Tekno

Tekno vs Wizkid vs Davido

As expected, the news escalated into the unending Wizkid vs Davido argument, but this time, add Tekno to the mix.

Some people believe the arguments are baseless

When Drake met Tekno

Check these

While we patiently wait for the outcome of Tekno and Drake’s collaboration, here are other interesting topics on social media this week.

Why was #SupportSARS trending?

Following last week’s #EndSARS campaign on social media, Nigerian youths decided to take it to the street in form of rallies in major cities across Nigeria. However, the Nigerian Police Force had their own plans; an anti End SARS campaign.

Using the #SupportSARS hashtag on social media and more supporters with colourful banners on the street, #SupportSARS managed to overshadow #EndSARS.

This angered supporters of the #EndSARS campaign

Just so we’re clear, #EndSARS

It got to this

On a lighter note, read this hilarious open letter to SARS.

NLS’s discrimination against Hijab

On Tuesday, the Nigerian Law School (NLS) inducted a total of 4,294 new lawyers into the Nigerian Bar Association with the exception of one person; a lady named Abdulsalaam Firdausa Amasa. According to the tweet below, Firdausa was denied being called to bar because she wore a Hijab under her wig.

Nigerian Muslims expressed their displeasure on social media using the #EndDiscriminationAgainstHijab hashtag.

Others believe the law must be upheld regardless

Trust Nigerians to make jokes out of sensitive subjects

Do you think Firdausa should be called to bar or not? Drop your thoughts in the comments section.

Kiss Daniel’s Level 4 salary

Kiss Daniel’s legal battle with G-Worldwide continues this week with a shocking revelation from his lawyers. They reportedly issued a statement claiming that for two years, the record label placed Kiss Daniel on a ₦30,000 salary which later increased to ₦50,000.

Nigerians reacted, with humour

Why so wicked?

Concerns for Sugarboy

It’s unbelievable

As G-Worldwide is yet to issue a reply to these statements, the drama continues!

Titilola Oludimu
Titilola Oludimu

I’m always open to new experiences.

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4 years ago

Love your Social Media roundups! Keep it going🙆✊

Titilola Oludimu
Titilola Oludimu
Reply to  Joseph
4 years ago

Thank you Joseph, I appreciate your feedback. Keep reading!

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