is simplifying the process of becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur

December 12, 2017
3 min read, a new startup based in Nigeria has a singular objective. Enable anyone and everyone to make money from selling goods and services online, without having to incur a significant upfront expense.

The company does this by aggregating multiple goods and services into personalized online market-places. These market-places are then offered for subscription to her customers, in whatever available domain name the customer chooses.

The beauty of what is offering is that the process hopes to circumvent the three key questions every entrepreneur must answer.

  •  What product or service to offer?
  •  How to offer the selected product or service
  •  For Whom to provide the selected product or service.

Unfortunately, finding the correct answer for any given market is not an easy task. This is especially the case when market trends and the needs of people are constantly evolving. One way to answer this question is to test the market. Offer a given product or service, determine the market response and cost implication, optimize the process, or pivot to another one. While on paper this process works, in reality, it is difficult and most of the time, it is very expensive !

However, in the world that is creating for her customers, people do not need to answer number 1 and 3 because they can sell everything to everyone.

The “how” is also simple. It’s done online!

Customers of do not incur the cost of sourcing for the products to sell, the cost of keeping inventory or the cost of trying to determine what products to promote and what not to promote? Or even the cost of logistics and having to deliver sold items to buyers? All these are handled by

The only thing expects from her customers is …Marketing and Sales. provides the products and services to her customer and the customer makes the sale. For each sale made, the customer earns a commission.

The modus operandi of the company is quite simple.

Step 1. Customer chooses a website name and what they wish to sell.

Step 2.  The site is activated by (after) paying the activation fee

Step 3. The customer immediately gets his or her own complete e-commerce platform that comes preloaded with products and services for the customer to sell.

Commissions 2


Today the company boasts of having over 3000 products in its inventory made up of tangible items that fall into 50 different categories and intangible items like virtual top-up of recharge cards.

Some services which are expected to be available for customers to sell for a commission within the next few weeks are Cable/Satellite TV bills payment, electricity bills payment and the ability to book and pay for air flights and hotels, fast food ordering and delivery, etc

When asked about how they intend to get all these services and more products onboard, the founder of the company Ehis Asibor, says “Everything is possible when we partner with the right people and the right companies”., are example e-commerce platforms belonging to customers but powered by and more examples are available on the company's website at

We think that this report will not be complete without mentioning that is actually one of three (3) platforms owned by Asterix Net (Innovative?) Solutions Ltd, a Company registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commissions. The two other platforms owned by the company are, a freelance platform that was launched in May 2014 and, a free online advertising network that was launched in December 2015.

Lastly, as the Business Development Manager Solomon Aligba says, is people who want to make money online, it's for stay-at-home moms who want to make money from the comfort of their homes, it's for social media enthusiasts who are ready to leverage their audience to create an extra line(stream) of income. Simply put, it's for everyone who has a mobile phone and is ready to own a personalized e-commerce website in under 8 clicks.


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